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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

a rat invaded world

classical and jazz     107 listeners


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first new upload in a long time. this is a relic of some older days when i had been in a blues band--bass player--and was fading out of it but i'd still get together and jam with friends. i hope some of you like it.
posted 6 years ago
it's been a couple of months since i uploaded anything. i'm trying to get a couple of songs into shape to be worth listening to. i appreciate everyone's support and i trust you'll have some patience with me.
posted 7 years ago
"random excursion" posted almost a month ago. my appreciation for everyone who has put in their support is almost indescribable.

on 4/18 i'll be putting up another song from my earliest days of composition.
posted 8 years ago
"spring rain" posted a couple of days ago. i can't believe it. everyone who has been so supportive has my genuine gratitude. i put a new one up today, i hope you folks like it too.
posted 8 years ago
just getting started. hope you folks don't mind.
posted 8 years ago
art and music are passions for me, not a living. that's probably for the best.
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EOM (level 12) wrote:
starting to listen your tunes ;-)
1 year ago
Coenurus wrote:
i am greatly enjoying your work. the thematic motifs of classical with the liquidity of jazz is a style that i respond strongly to, and you slide into it effortlessly. well done
1 year ago
dagburks (level 28) wrote:
Checking out your tracks here. Not sure how I missed out on this for so long.

Really digging "fantasy for impossible piano". Be back with more hearts!
7 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
It would be my pleasure. Whatever you need - co-production, mixing, general badtouching - just let me know.

7 years ago
Nickapottamus (level 23) wrote:
Just discovered all this.

Its breaking my mind I love it, just one question...

Are you T61's Cecil Taylor?
7 years ago
realitim (level 30) wrote:
yer very right, i'm sniffing everywhere, and like some pieces...
7 years ago
Old Ivory Drive wrote:
Greetings -

You group as been mentioned as suffering under the T61 point algorithm. There is an interesting discussion going on on our wall we thought you might like to see.

Ivory Drive
7 years ago
Drewster2000 (level 29) wrote:
Sounds like you're in the business of having fun with your music. I'd say that's one of the best reasons out there.
7 years ago
Black Mouse wrote:
7 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
Fun and adventurous. I would love to here more instrumentation on some of these. Do you have access to other sounds?
7 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Thoroughly enjoy the listen MrT!
7 years ago
donttellmehow (level 33) wrote:
great new work dear sir.....

it definitely has tempo
it makes me think of an 80's video game bonus level.....on a late night with too much Southern Comfort, but as odd as that sounds.....it is moderately nostalgic....

definitely a fun piece.....
7 years ago
September 29th wrote:
Cool new piece, a rat invaded world.
Cool new piece.

7 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
shame really, they must be missing out on some amazing FBs that way!
7 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
oh dear!

guess that I'll just look forward to the listen and bumps! :D
7 years ago
EXiTMind (level 29) wrote:
Its like people who decry the loss of "Proper English" or "The English Language" (or any language, for that matter....seems most cultures have these people). They have no clue that language is not some stolid prescription writ by god at the dawn of man....it is its own living entity, uniquely formed and conceived by every individual mind that produces and subsequently interprets it. Its a floating dance of indeterminacy.... a sense of the moment... an evershifting metaphor upon metaphor. Dig?
7 years ago
EXiTMind (level 29) wrote:
It seems to me that those people most insistant on declaring what can and cannot be music (eg. those who commented negatively on your december night piece) probably also fail to truly appreciate even the more tradtional routes to music the cling to....if they cannot appreciate the potentiality for musicality found in all things.
7 years ago
EXiTMind (level 29) wrote:
Sweet. Schoenberg, eat your heart out. There something about that mechanical midi-ness that always bugs me a bit - though it does lend a certain mania to the presentation. Well I enjoy following your compositions nonetheless. Sounds like you've been repressin some rage to me. ;-) I m heartless at the moment. But I shall return. I just put up a semi ridiculous 22 minute odyssey on my Eric EXiT page. I'm gonna leave there it there no matter how badly it flops though! ;-)
7 years ago
SallySilvera (level 40) wrote:
Thanks for the visit and hi right back :D
7 years ago
Crasstopher (level 13) wrote:
I featured 4 movements... you are really good at piano! These songs are intense, they take you through a lot of different emotions! Thats the best part of music, and thats why its neccessary even on TV/movies! thanks for sharing your skills!
7 years ago