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The Hot Toddies

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TheHotToddies: New album title: "Get Your Heart On" Coming in... May? We'll let you know when the date is set. Can't wait!! :) http://bit.ly/4QJEip
posted 7 years ago
TheHotToddies: album title leaked out yesterday so you might as well know... it's gonna be called "Get Your Heart On".
posted 7 years ago
TheHotToddies: @ReverbNation you're welcome!! you guys rock, we count on you to manage our mailing list :)
posted 7 years ago
TheHotToddies: Toddies will be at this: @ SwitchbladeRiot All Clash covers ALL NIGHT! This Friday, January 22nd @ the Uptown: http://bit.ly/88bNwI
posted 7 years ago
TheHotToddies: recorded all the vocals for our sexy cooking song last night - "just let me simmer". it's gonna be hot!
posted 7 years ago
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"Oakland girl band The Hot Toddies mix 1950's beach movie pop with soft indie rock, hard whiskey and a dry sense of humor." M. Myers, KEXP

Heidi, Erin, Jessica and Sylvia have been playing music, drinking whiskey and writing songs together since the fall of 2005. Blending 50's pop, doo-wop, and beautiful harmonies, they are a fun loving group of four girls from Oakland who play drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards and sing charmingly about being bad.

The Hot Toddies love to travel. They also love Jameson on the rocks. They've toured across the US, Canada and the UK in support of their debut album "Smell the Mitten", and just released their sophomore album "Get Your Heart On" with Asian Man Records.
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yumigie (level 8) wrote:
Like the lyrics of HTML, so cheeky lol
1 year ago
swkokobware (level 3) wrote:
really good. smart!
7 years ago
healryduff (level 13) wrote:
love ur song html
7 years ago
fortissabrok (level 10) wrote:
LOL, I love HTML.
7 years ago
sychronix (level 26) wrote:
seattle was my 4000th listen :)
great song
7 years ago
la1975 (level 20) wrote:
great version of Santa Baby! too bad I found it after Christmas. you guys and your music are just so cute!
7 years ago
natbrat76 (level 11) wrote:
You ladies are AWESOME!!! :-)
7 years ago
antagonist (level 26) wrote:
love your tunes ladies... loads of fun!!~
7 years ago
scones (level 26) wrote:
This is cooking - so too the macaroni cheese and pheasant. and now some port
7 years ago
cktibshirani (level 5) wrote:
Hey girls, I really like your music! You have a great retro sound, really good voices, nice harmonies and funny lyrics
7 years ago
Sangfroid (level 10) wrote:
Great sound, clever lyrics. Many lulz were had. Even more when I saw that you called your album "Smell the Mitten"....classic.
7 years ago
karstenbondy (level 7) wrote:
Now that's my kind of Xmas song! Viva la Girl Group revolution!
7 years ago
luisr089 (level 23) wrote:
7 years ago
superdodgy (level 10) wrote:
Some of the songs remind me of the Dancehall Crashers. Nice :)
7 years ago
superdodgy (level 10) wrote:
Great melodies, beautiful voices and funny, thought through lyrics. What else can you want? :)
7 years ago
artsiifartsii (level 10) wrote:
love your songs. :) especially HTML. :D
7 years ago
EvenFlowDave (level 11) wrote:
funky tunes girls. i'm all funked out now :) keep up the good work :) HTML is going on my web dev business blog :)
7 years ago
dEspadas (level 4) wrote:
Thumbs up for you, girls! :)
7 years ago
fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
great job i must say !!!!!!
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
thanks for posting it! you're the best!
7 years ago