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PinPoint Mercy

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PinPoint Mercy's Debut Album is available in stores now!!!!! Visit CDBaby and iTunes
posted 8 years ago
PinPoint Mercy is a San Francisco-based alternative rock band born from the combined talents of Tommy Merry, Eli Dale, Gregg Dean and Geoff Piper. During the better half of 2008, PPM took a brief hiatus, but PPM has returned with a new member and a new sound! We thank all of you for you patience through these quiet times and for your continued support and good energy.

PPM is proud to announce our brand new guitarist Tommy Merry! Tommy brings incredible musical talent to the band. His amazing chops, versatile songwriting style and strong vocal ability add a dimension to PinPoint Mercy that has undeniably taken the band to a new level.

See what Tim Erdmann of Vivendi Universal says about Tommy: "For the last decade Tommy Merry has been tearing up the fretboard with his passionate and high-energy instrumental music, sharing the stage with the likes of Metallica, Joe Satriani, Journey, Montrose, Y&T;, Testament, Tony MacAlpine and Michael Schenker. His superb technique is in the tradition of Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson and his original music runs the full gamut, from raging metal to sublime acoustic soundscapes."

Since forming, PPM has taken their unique brand of rock from the g... (+) expand
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photinodecay (level 33) wrote:
Once again, the rack brings me something wonderful that I would have never found by listening to "top" songs. Will be back with more hearts.
7 years ago
griffin (level 27) wrote:
Bought the album on iTunes today. Simply awesome. Keep up the great work!
8 years ago
ramgking (level 14) wrote:
Your song lay me down is amazing your music is awesome i was wondering if i can use your song lay me down for a vid i'm making no profits from it but i think you guys will get alot of exposure from it hope its okay if i use the song.
8 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
brilliant nice sound i like it
8 years ago
missi (level 28) wrote:
Hey PPM...welcome to t61!! Great stuff you're sharing so far...keep it up!
9 years ago
LMMS (level 30) wrote:
You guys are AWESOME!! So gald you came to the sixty-one.
9 years ago