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Shambala Networks

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''In Buddhism there is a place called 'Shambhala' the 'land of enlightened masters'. (For some it is just a state of mind, I believe it is both. Every Mindstate is a Space, a Space/Place is a Mindstate).
I choosed the artist name 'Shambala Networks' for all these places in and outside the Universe, the whole Networking System.''

Shambala Networks is a solo musical project, the first ambient moniker of Oliver Dombi, who was born in Transylvania, on Christmas evening in 1981. In the first part of the 90s Oliver was mostly influenced by Metal and Hardcore music, later also influenced by Psychedelic Trance and Ambient. He started to produce music in 2001 and made his first release in 2006. In the end of 2006 He set-up His own label: ADX Records (Audiosex Records).
In 2011 He created a sister-label for ADX: Ancient Language Records.
ADX was for Trance, Techno, Darkpsy, Ambient (Various Styles)
Ancient Language is only for Ambient. Officially all releases remain under the maintenance of ADX. His Ambient works are available (via label- worx.com) on all Major Digital Shops like i-tunes, emusic, beatport, amazon, juno, etc and also released on CDs Distributed by: Saikosounds, Wiriku... (+) expand
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