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New Rescues songs available for free for 24 hours

Hey Friends,

Today is daylight savings and it's time to spring forward...while you're at it, set your clocks cause as of 4pm (Pacific time) today you have exactly 24 hours to head over to http://www.myspace.com/therescues and download some new Rescues songs for free! It's a sneak peak from the new album and we're dying for you to hear them!

"Friend" us while you're there cause a hacker recently deleted all of our friends. We miss you and want you back!

1/4 of The Rescues
posted 8 years ago
Reality TV killed the video star

hey there,

been a couple weeks...bad Kyler! i've been a busy bee, what can i say? March is gonna be crazy as well. i'm on a plane right now and taking the chance to catch up with you! i'm gearing up to head to Austin for SXSW- will be playing both solo and with my band, The Rescues. come hang with us if you're going to be there. in March i'll also be playing in St Paul, LA and San Diego, check my myspace for details.

they say video killed the radio star but lately it's more like reality TV killed the video star! if you're feeling nostalgic and wanna hear some actual music on MTV, tune into The Real World next Wed 3/11 @ 10pm and listen for my song "Sweetspot"! or you can stream it online the following day at http://realworld.mtv.com.

some really cool websites have featured my album "Simple Machine" recently. first is a new one called iheartmusic.com where they featured me alongside two other kick ass female artists whom i admire, Adele and Erin McCarley! go check it out and surf around the site, it's a great new destination to discover new music!

the other site is Mashable, "the social media guide". in an article reviewing all the best iPhone apps, my album is featured in the bit about Ourstage.com's radio player. check it out: http://mashable.com/2009/02/16/free-social-music-iphone-apps/

i'm on a plane to the snowy east coast and i know i should be catching up on email but instead i've been watching the mini TV in the seat back in front of me. just dried my tears from the sappy and romantic Australia and am now watching the season finale of America's Best Dance Crew. (i don't have cable at home so whenever i get the chance to channel surf on cable i get hooked. yup, i'll be watching The Real World on my laptop!) i'm so in awe of people who can dance cause i have zero skills. zip. nada. my pulse is racing watching these crews do routines with moves that seem impossible without invisible cables like in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. i'm so into it i would text in my vote for my fave except my cell phone is off, well, that and i think this is a repeat. i'm dying to know who won, Quest Crew or Beat Freaks?!!! hmm, i think i finally get why people love American Idol so much. :)

ABDC has me inspired, maybe i should work some dance moves into my show. or maybe not. :)

xoxo from 25F,
Kyler ;)
posted 8 years ago
IHeartMusic Feature!


Check out this awesome feature I got along with fellow songsmiths Erin McCarley and Adele on a new music site called IHeartMusic.com:


posted 8 years ago
Hey Friends,

While my band The Rescues and I are hard at work in the studio, someone has else has been hard at work hacking our Myspace site. It's back up and running now, so please make sure you stop by and add yourself to our friends. By the end of the week, we are going to have some new songs for you to preview from the new record, and I'm really excited about them. Head over here to http://www.myspace.com/therescues and let's be friends again!

posted 8 years ago
love and laser cats


happy late valentines day! been a crazy couple of weeks. had a blast in NYC, been back in LA working with The Rescues and writing some new songs of my own. i write all kinds of music- "Kyler" songs, tween pop, country and have recently collaborated with some DJs on dance tracks. here's a new one called "Flatline" that's gonna come out soon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYEyPpykxiY

headed to my homestate of NC later this week to play near Charlotte and in Raleigh. yay! excited to see all my hometown peeps and to visit my 93 year old Grammy Cole and getting a dose of her wisdom and wit. :)

some good stuff i've recently come across:

Slumdog Millionaire- just about the best movie i've seen all year, hope it wins the Oscar!
Ginger Altoids- hot and spicy, what more do you need?
Valentines surprises
waking up to rain in LA, pounding on the windowpane
grilled cheese @ The Foundry on Melrose (it's award winning!)
Laser Cats 4 (http://www.hulu.com/watch/55597/saturday-night-live-digital-short-laser-cats-4)
Rice Thai Kitchen in Park Slope Brooklyn (ok, have known about this for awhile but it's the best of the best!)
Fringe- from the people that make Lost
really good milk chocolate- Trader Joes has a bar that rules and gives dark a run for its money

love and laser cats,
kyler ;)
posted 8 years ago
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Listening to any Kyler England song, it's easy to believe you're hearing a classic in the making: gorgeous, organic pop music that speaks to your heart like a close friend. Her soulful voice draws you in with its fragile strength, then leaves you breathless when it soars to brilliant heights. She sings like you'd always wished you could, with all the raw honesty of your most painful moments and all the beauty of your fiercest hopes. There is something universal going on here, something magical. Comparisons to Sarah McLachlan and Patty Griffin are mere approximations; Kyler has a style and charisma all her own.

Simple Machine marks England’s 5th studio release and her most remarkable collection of songs to date. That’s saying a lot considering her past songs have won numerous songwriting awards (Unisong, Mid-Atlantic, and North Carolina Songwriting Contests), have earned her recognition by the International Acoustic Music Awards (Finalist for Best Female Artist), the Indie Acoustic Project (Best Alternative Rock CD), and Music Connection Magazine (Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2007), and appeared on TV and in film (Ghost Whisperer, Army Wives, Guiding Light, Zoey 101, Rollergirls... (+) expand
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marcares (level 32) wrote:
A Clean Slate beginning 2016.
1 year ago
scmusicluvr (level 5) wrote:
Kyler, I hope we haven't heard the last of your solo songs now that you are part of The Rescues..love The Rescues, but I also love a good Kyler England tune!
7 years ago
hdsander (level 38) wrote:
Timeless beautiful music!
7 years ago
Lindsay Taylor wrote:
Beautiful Music :) Especially "Clean Slate"
7 years ago
polipopie (level 10) wrote:
So much love for you Kyler; your songs are beautiful! <3
7 years ago
mikeymouse60 (level 26) wrote:
Love your song Clean Slate! Stumbled onto your song listening to a friend's radio. Thanks for sharing your music on thesityone. You have a new fan :D
7 years ago
chiprooplisten (level 11) wrote:
chip has been fan of yours for while. glad to see you on here playin' around (no pun intended). chip says keep up the chill pop rockish sound... chip enjoys ;) check out chip's artist page, if ya can, chip would be honored.

chip roop

keep up the rok. - chip
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
You have a great voice and good songs!
7 years ago
Emporess3 (level 2) wrote:
Kyler your voice is amazing!!!! I love this album. I love every song on the album.
Thank you for making such beautiful music.
7 years ago
lyzl (level 10) wrote:
Kyler! I love your music. I've been listening to you since you came to St Peter MN in 2002(?) was that it? Any way I wish you the best and I'll max all my hearts on you.
7 years ago
mandu (level 19) wrote:
"YOU WAIT FOR RAIN" ------- absolutely ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
seagull (level 23) wrote:

I love your work;
7 years ago
Marina V wrote:
good seeing you the other day!!!!!!!!!!!!! hugs, Marina :)
7 years ago
Charo (level 25) wrote:
you are the jam.
7 years ago
clementinecutie (level 8) wrote:
Thank you for sharing your songs will us!! :) they are wonderful! :D
7 years ago
thisiscooling (level 11) wrote:
you have such a gift for writing. thanks for sharing.
7 years ago
renecop545 (level 16) wrote:
Hey, just so you know, I love your new songs :))))))))))
7 years ago
Callie4ev (level 1) wrote:
Hey Kyler I love your songs they literally take my breath away. Especially bells and whistles, you and I, clean slate. I love them all.
7 years ago
zirconet (level 36) wrote:
Bye from Italy
7 years ago
gbakergb (level 42) wrote:
REALLY liking ur songs!!!
7 years ago