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You spend your days asleep You only come out when its time to creep Crawling on your belly like a snake Dry your pillow of its salty lake It will never be the same It seems like it left before it came Your heart will never heal these scars And no one can ever break through these bars She will never speak to you again She will never be your friend She doesn’t care anymore You will never be the one she adores There she is you see her murky silhouette You try to speak but your mouth tastes of regret You choke on your heart as she passes bye You can’t even find the strength to look her in the eye She doesn’t even see you as she leaves you behind It’s as if you’re a color to which she is blind So you stand there cut off at the knees Looking up as she floats away with ease She is slipping away from even in your dreams Completely deaf to your subconscious screams Your heart needs a massive dose of codeine Because she’s still the most beautiful nightmare you have seen
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