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Company Man

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Company Man is the creation of Brooklyn-based musician Steven Slovacek. "The Headless" is his first full-length album.

These recording sessions began as an attempt to explore the origin and history of the Mormon Church, but within the first few months of writing, this conceit wore thin and Steve began writing songs about urban paranoia, 'god' and the experience of growing up gay in a Mormon family. Over the next two years the album is recorded in Brooklyn, NY with roommate Adele Romanski occasionally adding vocals and friends Filipe Bessa and Nick Schwartz contributing saxophone and lyrics respectively. Additional recording took place on the third floor of a Mormon church in Prague while the final recording and mixing took place at Friendship Cove in Montreal, Canada.

With the release of “The Headless,” Steve has set out to establish a permanent lineup to play local shows, tour and (hopefully) create a much more communal recording process.
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