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The new album Still the Wicked Rest" on sale now exclusively at our website.

We've posted 2 Videos from our 02-16-2008 Live Show: HERE and HERE
Please Vote and Comment. We love the feedback!
Thanks for your support on thesixtyone.com!
posted 8 years ago
Please make sure you expand for Lyrics, Links, etc...

Thank you all so VERY MUCH, for your support. Stay tuned for more News and Activity coming your way!

Download "My Magic Hour", "Suck Hard", "Many To Many", "Control Freak", "Voodoo Mind", and more for .99 cents. Right HERE!

Or, you can buy the entire CD with no shipping costs, and more. Right HERE!
jason ludwig: singer, guitarist
donovan schlunt: bassist
brandon schlunt: drummer
aaron almashy: lead guitarist

talk to us.

jason's 61 url: riggamaroll
donovan's 61 url: psychod
brandon's 61 url: lordfirebrand
aaron's 61 url: adouble

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MollyG (level 11) wrote:
Love the new album and the live set is FABULOUS!!! As always, if you need anything....
8 years ago
eopt03 (level 13) wrote:
i love you're not alone. mm mm good.
8 years ago
Floweringsoul (level 24) wrote:
Thanks Brandon!
You guys are so worth it!
Besides, who wants to sit around watching people gorge themselves and act like they like each other when you could be ROCKIN with the NOC! Spending time with my son and his girl and turning them on to new music was PRICELESS!!
I think I may be in the lead for the most frequent flyer NOC miles though! Hope you guys can come down our way and play someday!
Much LOVE and LIGHT!
8 years ago
Floweringsoul (level 24) wrote:
Your show at Play by Play was incredible!!! My son and his girl were totally blown away by your sound! You and the Ohms were totally worth skipping Turkey dinner for!!!
Love the new CD!!
8 years ago
Floweringsoul (level 24) wrote:
Are you guys still playing on Thanksgiving Eve with the Ohms? I sure hope so! We've snubbed our families to plan a trip to Cinci just for this show!
8 years ago
wordfibers (level 12) wrote:
if'n you folks don't get to posting some new stuff soon, i'm going to go on a revival rampage. heck, i might do that anyway. :)
8 years ago
MollyG (level 11) wrote:
Yay revive! I love that song! Have a great weekend guys.
8 years ago
noctaluca wrote:
Thanks to all who bumped our LIVE version of SUCK HARD ~ noctaluca
8 years ago
sf49rox (level 41) wrote:
8 years ago
brimbc (level 10) wrote:
Vote for Noctaluca to play Lollapalooza!!!

8 years ago
Wishful (level 38) wrote:
Hi YW ;>)
8 years ago
MollyG (level 11) wrote:
Excellent work gentlemen! Love the music, love the shows, love the band, and love you as people. Thank you for doing what you do.
8 years ago
bloke (level 17) wrote:
Thanks for the heads up on the upload! Great stuff and keep it up :D
8 years ago
Evonity (level 35) wrote:
The pleasure of listening and bumping Suck hard was all mine. So, thank YOU!
8 years ago
riggamaroll (level 8) wrote:
i want to thank everyone for their support of our music. it humbles me to no end the kind of love and generosity we receive from folks like yourselves. keep it up and we promise to change the world, one measure at a time.
8 years ago
directline (level 12) wrote:
Love this track!
8 years ago
Pansophical1 (level 31) wrote:
Great show Friday night... Loving the new download. Thanks guys!
8 years ago
dantemm (level 4) wrote:
yay! new noctaluca!
8 years ago
Pansophical1 (level 31) wrote:
Oh, make sure you click on the 'Watch this video in High Quality' link under the video. The audio sounds better, as well...
8 years ago
Pansophical1 (level 31) wrote:
I'll catch you cats tonight @ Peecox... BTW, Aaron, I just stumbled over the 'Mansion Sessions' on YouTube. Freaking sweet!

Aaron Almashy Soloing over a club track
8 years ago