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Slug A

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feels good to be back.
hello t61 2016
posted 14 days ago
Grateful Words - LP (320 kbps) FREE DL

posted 4 years ago
Look out for the EFP hitting T61 on 6/1
posted 6 years ago
12/10: New songs to come hopefully mid to late december through january

11/24: 400+ on Burning arcadia!!!! WHOOO!!!!

10/28: NEW SONG!!!!
"Young Love" from the Young Love-EP

10/23: New Songs on the way!!...hopefully??

10/22: 300+ on Burning Arcadia!!!! THANKS EVERYONE!!!!

Check out EEPROM's remix of "Virgo"!!!!

New Version of Virgo up!!

posted 7 years ago

"Grateful Words - LP" for free download on bandcamp: sluga.bandcamp.com

for more releases check out my soundcloud page:

Contact Info: slugarecords@gmail.com
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faberex (level 42) wrote:
I'm happy to bump good stuff like yours.
7 days ago
postonthehill (level 17) wrote:
Just aweomse.
7 days ago
mathmanmrt (level 39) wrote:
damn! i didn't know i'd ever find a new slug a song here. welcome back!
1 month ago
AMY wrote:
good gawd
6 years ago
theabledanger (level 35) wrote:
Virgo posted finally. It only took forever.
6 years ago
DerekRobson (level 23) wrote:
lol. T61 doubled your tip! hahaha 3 is my number, thus it was supposed to be 333. now its the DEVIL'S TIP!

hahaha . You rock !
6 years ago
lastbeforethesun (level 3) wrote:
love your music. listening to all of it. can't wait for an album.
6 years ago
thecolts (level 35) wrote:
<------------#1 Fan
6 years ago
thecolts (level 35) wrote:
Every song Max Bumped and a little tip to show my appretiation for your music, keep on creating, you are awesome.
6 years ago
Analysis wrote:
Just listening to "just a test".. What a fantastic song! Sounds really amazing. Happen to have a recorddeal somewhere?
6 years ago
Archous (level 23) wrote:
mwahaha Yes indeedy. You are super aweome too
6 years ago
erasedeny (level 14) wrote:
static patterns is so fresh that i had to max it. i can't wait for a full album to come together.
6 years ago
pincenez23 (level 23) wrote:
You're right, babies are terrible singers. You know what's even worse, though? Singing moose. True story.

I dig it lots. Thanks for sharing it with me! And all is well with me. I hope all is well wi'cho.
6 years ago
thomasvale (level 24) wrote:
max hearts to your new tune - really good
6 years ago
TJCyeye (level 21) wrote:
homepage ye!
6 years ago
pincenez23 (level 23) wrote:
Heyo back! And, just doing my part. But in all seriousness: it was well deserved.
6 years ago
thecolts (level 35) wrote:
HOMEPAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go buddy.
6 years ago
craigmiresears (level 28) wrote:
after i played my song, "The Hideout", the similar bar came down and played your song, "Just a Test". This song is very cool, man! i feel naked when my listener account has few hearts, ill be back when i get some clothes on!
6 years ago
thebaron (level 13) wrote:
yeah i have no idea why most of your traxx are underhearted...103 for your new remix?! don't understand this site sometimes. maybe you have to remix kids or take on me or thundercats or whatevz for people to be like 'woah this is kool'
6 years ago
phoenixwright (level 33) wrote:
You sir are on my short list of "must max these songs ASAP." I can't believe I missed so many of these the first time around, but that shall be rectified soon. More hearts to come!
6 years ago