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Nadia Kent

experimental and folk     289 listeners
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HI EVERYONE!!! NEW THINGS TO COME!! In the meantime, please check out the pieces that have been sadly neglected over the last few years - everything from "Antelope Island" down on the list. Cheers!
posted 4 months ago
posted 4 years ago
New song/video here:

posted 4 years ago
Lofi single-take version of a yet-to-be-recorded song called "Song For the Cynic" posted. Should be doing some recording over this summer and posting as it moves me. Lots of new material.

posted 5 years ago
posted 6 years ago
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Nadia Kent has been making music for most of her life. She started out on violin and saxophone as a kid and eventually graduated to piano and guitar when her first band kept suggesting songs she wasn't interested in covering. She wrote her first song at age 12. She majored in something completely different at UCLA, but collaborates quite a bit with other musicians, among which are Patty Chung of Glory Winds and Max Vernon, both of whom have thriving t61 accounts (and even more active soundclouds at this point, if you're curious).

A lot of these recordings are really old, but she's in the process of making more of them. She's very happy t61 has reverted to the old format, and excited to post things she's had gestating for some time now. Additionally, she's excellent at writing in the third person.

user account: ringothedingo
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PiedPiper (level 17) wrote:
Totally random, but did you and Max Vernon make a really fun Youtube video together at some point? (If so, I didn't make the connection until just this moment.)
2 months ago
Max Vernon wrote:
haaaayyyy gurl haaaaaay
2 months ago
marcares (level 30) wrote:
Nadia rocks as red hot as ever.
3 months ago
marcares (level 30) wrote:
While the night away with these relaxing Retro tunes.
4 months ago
HollisSmith8 (level 20) wrote:
Howdy, Your listener hearted my Artist, and Now Here is my listener hearting your Artist, It's a fun maze : )
6 years ago
emilysings (level 17) wrote:
Apple Juice came on random last night on my iPod when I was standing at a random bus stop and I got all weepy. You bitch. Also I love your guys's (grammar??) new recording of The Gulch. The effects are really spooky. You know, like, in a good way.
6 years ago
AttackTribble (level 31) wrote:
first encountered "Don't Stop" on another website some time ago. This morning T61 played me Handicapable. The picture on the other website looked quite a bit different, but I knew that voice immediately, even on a different style of song. Lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us!
6 years ago
erinwally (level 6) wrote:
I love "the Gulch".
6 years ago
ariellibelly (level 11) wrote:
thanks sooooo much for referring me to this awesome music adventure! I sincerely owe you one

and I heart your music
6 years ago
auralea (level 5) wrote:
glad you got the gulch recorded.sounds amazing.thanks!
6 years ago
Max Vernon wrote:
the gulch makes me horny.
6 years ago
Meagamoose (level 14) wrote:
You are AMAZINGLY talented. I just listened to The Origins of Love on your Youtube channel. You have such great story telling in your songs. All of the songs up here are amazing too. Keep 'em coming!
7 years ago
alchemorphears (level 19) wrote:
great songs!
7 years ago
DIGISOKICOLA (level 12) wrote:
I love your song Apple Juice! Your voice is very smooth.
7 years ago
lobsterhead (level 28) wrote:
you have pretty music
7 years ago
Snypod (level 40) wrote:
Love your songs. Just thought you should know.
7 years ago
Kalei (level 37) wrote:
Lovin' Apple Juice! Great tune & smart lyrics!
7 years ago
alittlebitleafy (level 3) wrote:
i love it!!
7 years ago
qwe (level 30) wrote:
Brava Nadia!! Ciao!
7 years ago