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We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire

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ShaelRiley: @chrismikesell OK. I do kind of dig Sheep Man. He's the exception.
posted 7 years ago
ShaelRiley: Added Toybox, almost in its entirety, to my personal Uvumi page: http://uvumi.com/shaelriley All downloadable.
posted 7 years ago
ShaelRiley: Goddamn those Mega Man 10 robot masters look lame. I'm thinking this is gonna be more Mega Man 4 than Mega Man 3.
posted 7 years ago
ShaelRiley: @voiceofkiki Try www.thegrammarclub.com/Files/Alternate_Ending.mp3
posted 7 years ago
ShaelRiley: @rafaelbran I know some artists are joining; I am one. :D
posted 7 years ago
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Help fund our new album and get three-disc version and other stuff.


Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire is an NES-rock band from no place in particular.

Shael Riley - NES soundchip, vocals
Ty Guenly - guitar, bass
Ricky Henry - drums

Thank you for listening.

@ShaelRiley on Twitter
Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire on Facebook
Merch and junk at www.bitpopshop.com
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nevilleb (level 24) wrote:
Redheads have more fun indeed
2 months ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
Sheer really Rock!
4 months ago
beachbum0694 (level 14) wrote:
haha I just logged back into this site, and 6 years later I still love the song "How to fire a gun"!!!
Been playing it on repeat and it gives me so much joy :D

Thanks man!!!
4 months ago
PiedPiper (level 17) wrote:
I once again have "tip eht fo mottob" stuck in my head. Great earworm!
1 year ago
Ryojo (level 9) wrote:
Asian Kids have all the best moves is a complete guilty pleasure song for me. Usually I disagree with any stereotype, but... now...
7 years ago
TheBoyd (level 8) wrote:
First time I've ever heart'd a song. Woot!
7 years ago
PeterPiper (level 20) wrote:
Just saw the youtube video of "tip eht fo mottob." Good stuff! Thanks.
7 years ago
beachbum0694 (level 14) wrote:
I love How to Fire a Gun! It freaks my parents out when i sing it too, definitely a plus.
7 years ago
PeterPiper (level 20) wrote:
I've got "tip eht fo mottob" stuck in my head, and I must have listened to it more than a dozen times over the past couple days. Great song. And I'd certainly more than max-heart it if I could.
7 years ago
matuska (level 12) wrote:
i'm trying to comment more because i need to appreciate all the wonderful artists i've found here on the61!

here's a comment to you from an appreciative listener!
7 years ago
sophistballyhoo (level 30) wrote:
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
Love The Other Side of Memphis!
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
incredibile questa nuova canzone bravissimi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
zenfira (level 38) wrote:
Great new track!
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
buon natale
7 years ago
fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
great new one, I found your present under the trees in nature !!!!! thanks
7 years ago
kilexia (level 36) wrote:
No problem. :)
7 years ago
kilexia (level 36) wrote:
7 years ago
MC Diabeats wrote:
7 years ago
rayth7 (level 7) wrote:
I liked Chinese Ninja warrior before just because it was a cool song and now i love it because its a BAD ASS song. Thanks for the free download.
7 years ago