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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

gang gang dance

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Gang Gang Dance are music group based in Brooklyn, NYC., and signed to the the Social Registry record label. Members were previously seen in Washington DC’s The Cranium, NYC’s Angel Blood, Actress, and Ssab Songs (with Harmony Korine). The group has become well known within the New York experimental/art scene for its distinctive sound that draws equally from African rhythms, Middle eastern dance music, industrial, noise, grime and a whole mess of other genres and subs.

While Gang Gang Dance are generally associated with fellow space cases (Animal Collective, Black Dice),their sound is wholly unique. While their earlier sound was much more chaotic and sprawling, the latest material is a combination of skewed pop music with the unpredictability of experimental/noise performances. The eerie female vocals are reminiscent at times of an airy Kate Bush, trapped in a deep well with no one to sing to. The band belts out Arabian synth lines mixed with delayed out shimmer guitar, over dark poly-rhythms. Their beat heavy weird tribal-noise appeals to fans of all flavors of marginal and/or left centered pop music. And yes, you can dance to it.
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ccclover (level 10) wrote:
house jam is, definitely, one of my favorite songs
of all time

so much awe & love
7 years ago
sydknee (level 7) wrote:
My arms flail and my mind bends whenever I hear house jam.
7 years ago
niknot (level 19) wrote:
You guys are wonderful/inspiring/spiritual!!! Look forward to catching a gang gang show next time your in NYC! All the best
7 years ago
aminolist (level 20) wrote:
Great scott, you guys are awsome
7 years ago
TKLo12 (level 30) wrote:
New and original, I love it! Can't wait for the Skidmore show!
7 years ago
Stromer19 (level 31) wrote:
Love your "The Big Pink -Velvet" remix. I play that on Blip.FM quite a lot. Cheers
7 years ago
girlsix (level 34) wrote:
i love you
8 years ago
theonus (level 38) wrote:
the new album is beast
8 years ago
Jeanburrasca81 (level 40) wrote:
Someone should update the bio and mention they are signed to the prestigious Warp Records label by now ;)
8 years ago