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Riona Sally Hartman

folk and jazz     19 listeners
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1. ostruzina
2. zenfira


1. zenfira
2. ostruzina
"little stories in their own right, reminding of early Tori Amos but with a more definite hint of jazz in there" (Discovered in Dublin July 23rd 2009)

"A cutting silhouette of a voice [she] trips through songs with an ease of grace found in the best of offbeat female artists." (le Cool Dublin)

"enchanting sweet vocals mask passionate and dark lyrics....when you listen to her music your emotions get dragged through every bar with her, from sadness to angry defiance. They are owed an in depth listen." (The London Music Blog)

"...builds her songs like stories, and performs them like poetry..." (le Cool Dublin)
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marcares (level 32) wrote:
Riona come back please.
1 year ago