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1. AceTough
One hastily packed suitcase...
One guitar...
One bank-breaking bus ticket from Columbus, Ohio to nowhere, Oklahoma...
A single dream...

In 2010, under the careful watch of an Oklahoma summer sun, *ville was birthed by the enthusiasm of two wide-eyed young men seeking nothing more than a life-style of music making and truth telling. Taylor (lead guitar & vocals) has been crafting songs and plucking strings ever since his motor skills developed and provided him with the dexterity to wield a pen and pick. Chris (rhythm & backup vocals) tickled the ivories immediately upon exiting the womb and learned the technique of various percussive instruments during the ensuing few years of his infancy. Taylor and Chris have been noticed locally and nationally for their musical accomplishments. In 2006, Taylor was voted a top 100 unsigned artist by Emergenza and played with China Dream winner (Chinese American Idol equivalent) in 2008. Chris, in late 2004, played for English royalty and has more recently, during the fall of 2010, recorded and mixed *ville’s debut album, Crooked Little House. Now established musicians selling music on internet marketplaces such as iTunes, *ville now plan... (+) expand
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