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You can run until you’re out of breath.
You can jump until your face turns red.
My head hurts trying to know which way to go.

It’s a simple movement in
a direction I’ve never been.
That’s where I want to go.

I want to see insides.
Show them to me.
I want to see insides of everything.

I‘m not the king of pointland,
so why try for that kind of bliss.
I’m configured to miss
The point which is all is connectedness.
But I’m not a king, or even a point, so the point is moot.
My desire to aspire is acute.

What if the movement is no movement at all.
What if the trick is to be still until there’s nowhere to go.

Then we could see insides.
Show them to me.
We could see insides of everything.
I want to see....
I want to see insides of everything
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