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Iron & Wine

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Just finished touring two days ago. Thanks to all that came out.

With the holidays around the corner, don't forget to pickup my new album, The Shepard's Dog!

Much Love,

posted 8 years ago
The Shepherd's Dog: Iron and Wine’s last release (not including the collaborative In the Reins EP which featured songs by Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam and performances by both Iron and Wine and Calexico together) was 2005’s Woman King, a 6-song EP which distinguished itself from its predecessors with a deepening integration of spiraling, dense opuses with intimate confessionals. On The Shepherd’s Dog this integration is complete. Sam Beam has confessed to finding spiritual inspiration in Tom Waits’ pièce de résistance, Swordfishtrombones, an album with which Waits upended his previous strategies and forged a new musical language for himself. Recorded by Sam with the assistance of longtime producer Brian Deck and engineer Colin Studebaker, The Shepherd’s Dog succeeds in accomplishing a similar cathartic recasting of the artist’s intentions. The arrangements here are kaleidoscopic and rich. “White Tooth Man” rocks with a desperate, menacing intensity while “Boy with a Coin,” the album’s first single, is darkly playful with a handclap hook tumbling under its cascading melody. The whole album breathes. Its seductive rhythms percolate and undulate, from the Psych-Bhangra-redux of “Pagan ... (+) expand
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gretchen (level 35) wrote:
♬ ♩ ♭ ♪ ♥♬ ♩ ♭ ♪ ♥
1 year ago
darnit (level 9) wrote:
Can't get it out of my head!
7 years ago
mayjiller (level 12) wrote:
Sam Beam is a beardsman of the highest caliber.
7 years ago
orbatid (level 10) wrote:
one of the loveliest songs from this album. I can't stop listening to it.
7 years ago
uwalvin (level 23) wrote:
Gahhhh! I have like 160 plays of Iron & Wine this week!
So good !
7 years ago
Cralls (level 19) wrote:
7 years ago
mix0mat0sis (level 11) wrote:
Love this song...the drums reminds me a little of Dispatch.
7 years ago
Dezmino (level 11) wrote:
Its a beard with soul!
7 years ago
mortalwombat (level 18) wrote:
Only a man with that beard can produce this music. :)
7 years ago
brodie + david wrote:
soft iron & wine sound...brodie + david: http://www.thesixtyone.com/brodiej/
7 years ago
slimsmithexperience (level 10) wrote:
Wow, what can one say about Boy With A Coin? It's Woodstock today, a trip to Spain, a walk through lyric wonder land. Horse with no name magnitude, this boy with a coin...
7 years ago
bobzorin (level 16) wrote:
Real flamenco style! Thank you! )
7 years ago
Psychedelices (level 12) wrote:
I can't wait to hear more from you!
7 years ago
PurpleDingo (level 28) wrote:
Why no love for Around the Well on here?
7 years ago
abbylugo (level 18) wrote:
Loved this song second I heard it.
7 years ago
gerardwayne (level 5) wrote:
Wanna see "Naked As We Came" on here. Love that tune.

Not that these songs aren't amazing too...
7 years ago
cameymac (level 13) wrote:
Your Music is so inspirational! You should duet with William Fitzsimmons, mega beardage!!!
7 years ago
folkfruit (level 31) wrote:
oh yeah, Lion's Mane is GREAT!
7 years ago
Uncookedfish2 (level 9) wrote:
Dear Sam Beam,
I love you.
Really, it's true.
Stop smirking, I mean it.
Please, please, please come to Boston.
And play Lion's Mane.

Thank you.
7 years ago
marcus91 (level 15) wrote:
I hope that one day I will get to see you live. I think that would change my life :) Keep doing what you do
7 years ago