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Fabrizio Paterlini

classical and pop     2720 listeners
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posted 4 days ago
f_paterlini: @rafaelbran i think we can only send messages to listeners. Also, we lost the tracking of "how many" listeners we have.
posted 6 years ago
f_paterlini: @rafaelbran so Rafael, all the interactions artists-listeners are defenetely lost?
posted 6 years ago
f_paterlini: still shocked each time i see how "huge" i look in the new thesixtyone UI... ;) - http://tinyurl.com/lbsx29
posted 6 years ago
f_paterlini: goodmorning - freezing out there!
posted 6 years ago
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"Fabrizio Paterlini is an artist on a par with Ludovico Einaudi and David Lanz, and my hope is that the world is ready to embrace his music" (Kathy Parsons, mainlypiano.com)

[More on Fabrizio in his official site and records site. You can also follow him from his official Twitter page or on his official Facebook page.]

Fabrizio Paterlini’s music has been defined as ambient, minimalist, graceful, sweet and relaxing: “a glass of red wine on a summer evening”, as he himself defines it.

Born in Mantua - Italy -, Fabrizio started playing the piano at the age of 6.

After many years studying classical music, he started perfoming with a number of bands, playing everything from progressive to hard rock, from jazz to pop. It was not until the end of the 90s that he decided to explore new musical paths, concentrating on the piano, the instrument that best expresses his inner world.

On Dec 13, 2009 he released his second official full piano solo album, "V... (+) expand
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unpoete (level 27) wrote:
Delightful welcome back! Diggin' the new track ("As Far As I Know") and the new musical soundscape.

Please continue posting here on T61 and on your SoundCloud page!
4 days ago
fuzzyorangebug (level 36) wrote:
Seeing you back here makes my heart super happy.
4 days ago
OrenYK (level 34) wrote:
Great to see you back here!
4 days ago
Fabrizio Paterlini wrote:
Nice to be back. Sweet memories of when it all started.
4 days ago
SallySilvera (level 31) wrote:
Welcome back! :D
4 days ago
marcares (level 27) wrote:
It would be a real trip if we could enjoy the complete Autumn Stories this very winter.
8 days ago
sandgirl (level 26) wrote:
Hello :-) T61 is back to it's old 2009 form. Come visit us again with music?
10 days ago
Suzen (level 12) wrote:
Forever Blue....so Nice...soooo nice!
17 days ago
marcog (level 16) wrote:
Hanno distrutto the61. Rivogliamo indietro quello vecchio!!!!!
Scrivete a help@thesixtyone.com e diteglielo.
We want the OLD 61 back please write to help@thesixtyone.com!
6 years ago
SallySilvera (level 31) wrote:
Heyas! Funny you should comment, coz I'm actually listening to your album at the moment!!!
The new design is totally confusing!! And sadly missing a lot of what made this place so amazing!
You can still see the site the "old" way for a while though:

6 years ago
harperbetterfasterstronger (level 33) wrote:
yeah, we'll have to see what happens, i hope some of the social features come back at some point, being able to easily interact with artists is/was one of the things that made this site so great!
6 years ago
harperbetterfasterstronger (level 33) wrote:
who knows? this is all quite confusing!
6 years ago
renlucy (level 2) wrote:
the more I listen the more I love
6 years ago
renlucy (level 2) wrote:
wow ! Beautiful music, very relaxing, and totally great to listen to while I have this throbbing headache
6 years ago
musicaddict1692 (level 22) wrote:
I love your albums. Thanks for the links.
6 years ago
mlsereda (level 20) wrote:
Thank YOU. You're music is wonderful - molto bella! =D
6 years ago
laurie (level 35) wrote:
you are most welcome - wonderful music! thanks for stopping by my page.
6 years ago
demostrate (level 12) wrote:
Your music has made me want to get back in to piano again. I've always thought about it but now you've settled it. So thank you.
6 years ago
musicallyorientated27 (level 13) wrote:
i dont get it how you dont hv any hearts for such a long time! its beautiful ... Sottovoce e molta dolce, beautifully composed and i tried hard to listen to your breathing haha!!
6 years ago
MouseBoss (level 6) wrote:
Ciao Fabrizio. Forgive my Italian, but Sottovoce e molta dolce. Bellissima. Am I really the first one to give it a heart? If so, it's my very great pleasure. Have another!
6 years ago