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We've decided to formally shutdown thesixtyone.com -- our servers will go offline at midnight, May 1st 2017.

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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
right direction.


Thank you for being a part of it.


James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

All The Fires

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All The Fires are a 6-piece band from the wild west of Cornwall. They spend a lot of time by the sea and write hook laden, beautifully crafted pop songs. Fronted by the fire & ice pairing of Rosalie James and Kath Williams, and united by a love of the ‘Rumours’ sound, there’s a good dose of Buckingham/Nicks era Fleetwood Mac in there. But there are also hints of Ryan Adams, The Waifs, Wilco and Laura Marling.

Recorded over Christmas 2011, their first full length album, ‘Territories’, was funded via a Pledge Music campaign. The band worked with producer Ben Parker (Ben & Jason, Polly Paulusma, The Chain) in a frozen barn in deepest, darkest Cornwall. ‘Territories’ will be released on October 1st 2012.
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All the Fires are still burning bright at thesixtyone.
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