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Polka Glocks

hip-hop and pop     336 listeners
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POLKA GLOCKS SAY HULLO TO YOU T61 glad you are fixed. band lineup 2016 is the classic 4 davy jason jason & lilbee & we are working on a new song or 3. We love you all.
posted 10 days ago
davy hamburgers, sabbides23, three ninjas and LILBEE IS BACK IN THE BAND SUCKAS! WOOP!
posted 3 years ago
HEY YOU, (new-er) LISTENER, DID YOU KNOW THE DEFAULT SETTING ON http://old.thesixtyone.com is for your WALL to be BLOCKED to STRANGERS!!? this means you have to UNCHECK THE BOX for people and BANDS to WRITE on YOUR wall!! DO IT!
posted 5 years ago
This site is a shadow of its former glory, but thanks for bumping, those few of you who find us, we cwtch you all!
posted 5 years ago
BIG THANKS to: Sharkara for The Release, and Harperactive for Once Upon a Summer! we LOVE T61 Collab action with such talented artists
posted 6 years ago
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We are a Hip Hop band from Pittsburgh (Davy), Seattle (Three Ninjas), Tennessee (sabbides23) and London/Wales (Lilbee). dig us at http://polkaglocks.bandcamp.com
our members are:
DAVY HAMBURGERS HAMMERPANTS (http:davyhamburgers.bandcamp.com)
JASON J. THREE NINJAS BRUNET (http://sexwiththreeninjas.com)

we met here on http://old.thesixtyone.com back when it was moar awesome.

where ARE YOU?


to Jazz Bohata and the rest of the Space Monkeys we say: NAME

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Binarby (level 19) wrote:
9 days ago
natlanticstorm (level 29) wrote:
Boomshakalaka! Hand Held is not on my shelf. Thanks for getting me taken care of. :)
10 days ago
natlanticstorm (level 29) wrote:
Max hearts to Give Up the Ghost and a feature. Thanks for sharing your music!
13 days ago
sf49rox (level 41) wrote:
Pew pew polka polka
15 days ago
morticae (level 32) wrote:
Woo! Good seeing y'all back. Can't wait for the new tunes!
18 days ago
davyhamburgers (level 22) wrote:
6 years after Morgan said that, our wall is open again, I can post again, & we are working on a new song!
24 days ago
morganmorgan (level 23) wrote:
what's shakin polka glocks??
6 years ago
fraisylady (level 34) wrote:
know what ? Really great music and not so creamy, but Spicy and tasty !!!!!!
6 years ago
Gigi (level 1) wrote:
<3 it!
6 years ago
sharkara wrote:
Polkara works very well, I think :-) Thanks for doing this!
6 years ago
clover (level 45) wrote:
Love it, brilliant.
6 years ago
mathmanmrt (level 39) wrote:
thanks for the excellent treatment of my words.
6 years ago
faberex (level 42) wrote:
ha ha
6 years ago
fraisylady (level 34) wrote:
hehe^^ , nice shot !!
6 years ago
nova423 (level 12) wrote:
YOur natty! And that was my favorite sand monster!!!
6 years ago
cma3 (level 25) wrote:
this n00b just found these amazing Polka Glocks, ahhhhh serendipity! call dibs on the kfox + PGLocks ill collab? Pleeeez? This mofo aint to proud to beg...Keith, hook it up yo!
6 years ago
kfox wrote:
I got something comin your way in an hour or so. Let me see what you do with this; we can make some sick ass shit
6 years ago
kfox wrote:
aha so you are the guy that sounds like you belong in Wu Tang!!! Bro, I can make a rap song with you? I'll lay down tha beat.
6 years ago
kfoxlistener (level 24) wrote:
k i'll check it out. I just got back from Staten Island.
6 years ago
supergrover (level 37) wrote:
ghostly singing is right...
haunting me now.
6 years ago