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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Nate Donnis

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Nate Donnis is hidden talent emerging. With robust, earthy vocals and songwriting that has gained industry attention via the BBC's series “Skins” and the PBS series “Roadtrip Nation”. He delivers compelling/raw acoustic music expressed in forms of Rock and Folk. Following the release of his 2007 "All Directions" with the The Donnis Trio, his music has been well received. Songs from his debut album have been placed in television/radio and commercials across the world. With roots in upstate NY, his music sounds like the pine trees,ponds,and fields he grew up with, always searching for the mirror of truth in all things.
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greensthm (level 16) wrote:
Wow, lucky me, I have just discovered your sound!
25 days ago
marcares (level 32) wrote:
Great to hear from you again.
9 months ago
kweinberg (level 35) wrote:
She Gives You Grace is quite lovely!
7 years ago
Jon Galen wrote:
Great songs I really dig the vibe. I write and produce acoustic songs as well and I am Southern Cal Based. On this site, Artist Jon Galen Album Global Citizen
7 years ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
Definitevely your fan ...carry on is supreme
7 years ago
libby (level 30) wrote:
"Carry On" is another amazing tune......loving the vocals.....you rock Nate
7 years ago
Roshi (level 28) wrote:
Like this new song. Your voice reminds me of Eddie Vedder.
7 years ago
sleestack (level 39) wrote:
Love the new song and so glad for the FB!
7 years ago
kiirstin (level 10) wrote:
Definitely loving this!! : ) Check out my band HIP LIKE [blank] when you get a chance.
7 years ago
freestyle86 (level 27) wrote:
Very nice man, every now and then i play all your tunes, they don't get old. Great stuff.
7 years ago
cstempien (level 3) wrote:
Your music makes everything beautiful. Thank you for your creative intelligence.
7 years ago
Nate Donnis wrote:
Hey BBram you can go to http://natedonnis.bandcamp.com and pay via pay pal. Thanks, for listening and thank you everyone for the comments.

7 years ago
boxboydesigns (level 22) wrote:
nice mate really enjoted
7 years ago
michael82178 (level 13) wrote:
Enjoyed the tunes. Thx, Nate
7 years ago
sweetjulez (level 3) wrote:
Always a pleasure listening to your music Nate :)
7 years ago
DaniSD (level 1) wrote:
It's been a while since I've listened to your music. I forgot how much I loved it!!! **sigh**
7 years ago
BBram (level 24) wrote:
since i don't own a creditcard: is there any other way to purchase your album down here in the netherlands?
7 years ago
zenfira (level 38) wrote:
Live to Be Happy...very cool! Great song! Uplifting :))
7 years ago
kweinberg (level 35) wrote:
April 21 - Very nice!
7 years ago
ohbaby (level 16) wrote:
you are good
7 years ago