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thesixtyone was our baby for most of our twenties. We're incredibly sorry we weren't able to keep things going in the 
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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Andy Fetzer

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posted 8 years ago
My name is Andy, im 27, live in North Carolina. I'm a lead guitarist, doing solo stuff right now. I started playing 13 years ago to Santana, Metallica, Megadeth etc. The past 8 years I've been strictly practicing European death/black metal. Kalmah, Norther, Deadlock, CoB, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, and Nightwish.

I play a Custom 24 PRS through a Marshall MG100 Half-Stack and a Boss ME20 DSP.

All of the music on my page is solo work.

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SethKitty (level 21) wrote:
Loving the tunes! ;D
7 years ago
clarkent (level 29) wrote:
My friend just joined this site because he heard your music while at my house. I thought you would like to hear that.
7 years ago
clarkent (level 29) wrote:
You fucking rock!
7 years ago
tapper (level 23) wrote:
Go Andy. Fire and Brimstone is fucking awesome. \m/
7 years ago
forakewc (level 21) wrote:
you f*ckin ROCK fetz
7 years ago
theabledanger (level 35) wrote:
So is there a place where I can download full length versions of these?
7 years ago
JohnnyVibe (level 13) wrote:
very nice work!!!
7 years ago
percussionist (level 22) wrote:
It's great to have another talented musician from
North Carolina on T61.
7 years ago
carpii (level 17) wrote:
Hey this is really interesting stuff.
After listening to your tunes I thought, I could detect a big Arch Enemy influence, so it was kinda nice to see you list them on your bio :-) That was before I heard the AE covers you've done

I like your tunes.
I'm not sure I agree with the comment about the 'midi drums' being poor. They sound pretty good to me. although admittedly they sound a bit formulaic on the Burning Angel cover
7 years ago
Ominós wrote:
Definitely great guitar work. Sad that the midi drums don't match up the guitar skills. Nonetheless, you're a great guitarist!
7 years ago
Mozzaratti wrote:
Thanks very much! I'll be stopping back by with my listener account when I get some hearts back. :D
7 years ago
madxkitten (level 9) wrote:
great muzak, man! \m/
7 years ago
sirkeystone (level 26) wrote:
No prob! I plan on being back soon, your an inspiration man!
7 years ago
corporatedemon (level 7) wrote:
7 years ago
DaniY (level 14) wrote:
7 years ago
theabledanger (level 35) wrote:
Looking forward to it.
7 years ago
Raine (level 34) wrote:
NOTHING LEFT was my earworm song today - I could listen to it 50 times if I had to - get's me old bones groovin!
7 years ago
DZ (level 46) wrote:
No problem, mate! :-)
8 years ago
Wishful (level 38) wrote:
You Rock Tuff !!! :)
8 years ago
Tyrannis (level 8) wrote:
its my pleasure.. :D:D:D
8 years ago