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They skinned the cat that new the way
And burned the map to make us stay
We babbled on about free will
Till they developed a cure in a pill
Fix you up with lemon-aid
Dream of sun to dream of shade
A perfect spot for your destiny
With all the illusions of reality
I'm not depressed just in a slump
I'm not a jerk I'm just a chump
Let me roll on down the hill
Where there's time for tears and drinking swill

And burning down the tobacco belt
Where money rusts and smiles melt
Rope off the wheel and just let it rip
I'm feeling as cool as a manuscript
That's filled with all your memories
Just drifting off in the breeze
Since the law came down on Uncle Joe
He looks the same but he's talking slow
Momma says it's just the booze
But it's a family trait we'd hate to loose
So close the door and forget it all
And please don't ever bother to call

They stole every moment up to now
And framed them on the wall like some holy cow
The blankets spread the picnics plump
A three legged race should pull me out of this slump
I'll give you money for peace of mind
I'll even try to give you my heart some times
But things don't always go as planned
You can shout a lot but you can't demand
And the police just ain't in the mood
If you wanna compete you'll have to improve
But this is really no time for us to debate
If it's either road kill or the great escape

When the town shut down and time stood still
I looked at you and felt a chill
If we make it through it be by our will
But someone will hang for the time we kill
But either way it's always the same
A little too reckless it's such a shame
Just when you found that familiar pain
I needed someone else to blame
So I went running down the promenade
Yeah I hit the wall but a little too hard
I woke up in the hospital
Where they wanted to know if I was suicidal

They pumped me up with morphine
And watched me play with plasterscene
Till you came by with your tears of rage
And ordered me to act my age
But I was confused I wasn't clear
Your face was hovering a little too near
I called for the nurse to come to help
As I felt my bed begin to melt
But I have to say it's much more peaceful here
Now as they've erased all my fear
They drew me into this cartoon
And left me to go dancing with the moon

Words and Music by Lionel Lodge
All Rights Reserved
C P Lionel Lodge 2006
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