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Electro Freaks Present

electronic and dance     566 listeners


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Will be uploading select tracks from EFP Volumes 3-7 so keep an ear on this profile!
posted 4 months ago
Our latest release is EFP Vol 03: For Japan

FREE high quality download at http://electrofreaks.bandcamp.com/
posted 4 years ago
Electro Freaks Present Vol 2: 10:10:10 The Terrible Twos

FREE high quality download! http://electrofreaks.bandcamp.com/
posted 5 years ago
We know people will be jockeying for first hearts, so we want to let everyone know that the official upload time is 6:10am PST on 6/1 (the start of the mosh pit time). Keep an eye on this page, we will start then and continue to upload until we run out of slots.

Also, we need one more level for unlimited uploads, so we cannot yet put the whole thing up. CHECK our website TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL ALBUM AS SOON AS IT IS RELEASED. Thanks!
posted 6 years ago
The response on our tracks thus far has been absolutely overwhelming. It's impossible to respond to everyone individually, but we appreciate it to no end. We'll be putting up a few more previews in the days leading up to 6/1 so stay tuned :).
posted 6 years ago
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Our Discography, all available FREE via Bandcamp:

EFP Vol 1-7

EFP Vol 03: For Japan

Released Mar 25, 2011

EFP Vol 2: 10:10:10 The Terrible Twos

Released Oct 10, 2010

EFP Vol 01: Digital 61

Released Jun 1, 2009.
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Philip Ferrari wrote:
Thanks for pushing my track Hopscotch to the homepage yesterday! I posted a new track this afternoon named ' Quiet Flight' . Thanks again!
4 months ago
Electro Freaks Present wrote:
@Vortexx: No problem thanks for Standing With Us all these years. ;)
4 months ago
Vortexx (level 27) wrote:
OSNAP WE BACK. Thanks for featuring my track as the first upload from EFP6!
4 months ago
scrivenj (level 34) wrote:
The Electro Freaks are back in town!
4 months ago
thomasvale (level 24) wrote:
music makers has got quite a serious beat happenin. big.
6 years ago
blujuwel (level 37) wrote:

There's been some talk about a homepage bug that might be affecting you. Here's the forum that mentions what some people suspect may be going on. If you'd like to take a look and add any thoughts you might have about what might be put in a petition to the people who own the site, we'd appreciate it.
6 years ago
Remora (level 26) wrote:
LOVE this album. Never heard a couple of the songs before :)
6 years ago
Stromer19 (level 31) wrote:
Thanks. Cool comp. Really feelin mUSER - Eris

6 years ago
eim ick wrote:
Hey new material: http://www.thesixtyone.com/eimickdk/ (CLOUDC)
6 years ago
graciellita wrote:
totally enjoyed this album....so much fun!!
6 years ago
utkwes (level 28) wrote:
You need to take a look at the website. Seems all your PHP are belong to Parse Error. If you need any help. Let me know. I know a thing or thousand about it. Rockin' sweet album.
6 years ago
Jacob Talkington wrote:
Kicking off this week with a brand new remix of a track I wrote 3 years ago. Enjoy :)
6 years ago
QuixoticNeurotic (level 30) wrote:
I'd been wondering the same about these songs, and kind of figured the same thing as scrivenj. I can't believe NONE of all these amazing and greatly maxed songs would never have posted!
6 years ago
scrivenj (level 34) wrote:
No idea why none of the tunes posted, my theory is that Sam and James blocked them somehow.
6 years ago
scrivenj (level 34) wrote:
Check out Oxygenius - Cosmicity. This was an entry for this album which unfortunately didn't get th votes. I love it though!
6 years ago
sonny14 (level 28) wrote:
I know right? i want my achievement! lol.
6 years ago
Jeanburrasca81 (level 40) wrote:
Why aren't any of these tunes posting to the homepage?
6 years ago
rd3k (level 35) wrote:
"Electro Freaks" was created on 22nd October 2008.
6 years ago
icrow (level 33) wrote:
It is one of the nicest sounding months; recent statistics show that.
6 years ago
theabledanger (level 35) wrote:
I think October sounds good.
6 years ago