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Ronald Jenkees

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T61 is back in Y2016! Hope it sticks around this time! ;)
posted 3 months ago
ronaldjenkees: thank you, Superwave P8 for inspiring a new tune
posted 6 years ago

Click here to preview and download the MP3's!

Finally done! I'm extremely excited. I had a lot of neat things accidentally happen in some of these songs. Took longer than I thought to get out, but I'm glad it did because of the way a few of these tunes progressed over time.

The album art was done in watercolor by Kori Michele Handwerker. She's the reason I can't wait to see what the actual physical copy looks like. I'm ordering them in a matte finish. They should be really neat.

Here are some more things about the new CD I think some people might want to know:

- iTunes: It's finally up! Click this hyperlink to buy from iTunes

- Physical CD: You can now pre-order my new CD! It will ship Sept, 10th.

- Physical CD Signing: I will still be signing the CD's if you buy 2 or more, including if you buy the old+new CD.

- New MP3 Store: Starting at about 2PM today, all downloads come from a new server. That means if you buy my CD, it should download pretty fast. Yeeah!!

- MP3 quality: 320 Kbps

PS. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the about this new CD. REALLY REALLY appreciate them.

posted 6 years ago

Finished another song this week for the CD! I had no intentions of including this tune but after I started it, I kept wanting to return to it and all the sudden, it was finished. Very unexpected. This one is called "Fifteen Fifty". I thought I would throw up little a preview on my sixtyone page if you want to hear the beginning. It's very electronic sounding, I guess. The end of the tune turns crazy and a bit less electronic, but I want to save that fun for the second CD.

At this point, it's great to have some traction. If a song or two isn't "done" (in my opinion) by the time July rolls around, I'm releasing the dang thang anyways. I'm itching to get it out there. Thanks for the patience!!

Back to work. :)

PS. I should mention, the sixtyone is a great place to quicky find good music if you're looking for some other artists to check out.

posted 7 years ago
LOVE this service. Thanks James & Sam.
posted 7 years ago
I make music because it's fun.
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Wingman (level 35) wrote:
Loving the new stuff you're uploading to youtube!
1 month ago
craigmiresears (level 28) wrote:
Hey man, how are you? :D
2 months ago
gabji (level 16) wrote:
Johnny are you okay?
2 months ago
reaxion (level 22) wrote:
Guys... new track coming from Ronald! https://youtu.be/A_e1ZSFvSPE Like it and shareeeee!
3 months ago
faberex (level 43) wrote:
The bass is almost saturated
BTW great stuff dude
3 months ago
reaxion (level 22) wrote:
And welcome back to you, Ronald. It's great to see you here. I'm @iammeat on twitter, by the way :)
3 months ago
Jride (level 34) wrote:
Hey Ronald, please post "Try the Bass"... It would be so sick to have it over here.
4 months ago
Gravitron89 (level 11) wrote:
Hey dude. Just wanted to say great job on the second album! Right from the start you've got that electro-funk I love so much, and the peaks all synchronise and fall so gracefully. All riding on a dirty beatt and a tasty bit of snare. What more could you ask for.
Thank you
6 years ago
division42 (level 9) wrote:
Great dirty tone throughout the song with clever use of the simple back beat. I likes
6 years ago
whoakaci (level 11) wrote:
i love Stay Crunchy, but my cuban friend from miami told me a while back that crunchy means "stupid," crazy miami slang! i hope you friend means it in a good way. xD
6 years ago
blackatac (level 4) wrote:
i love it and im a hood nigga!
6 years ago
heartofphx (level 7) wrote:
This is so awesome.
6 years ago
trunkin wrote:
music always hits the spot!
6 years ago
kordesh (level 2) wrote:
The first half of this reminds me of Aquatic Ambiance from DKC for some reason. It sounds almost nothing like it instrumentally, but the tune just kinda resonates there for me for some odd reason.
6 years ago
moalisiddiqui (level 13) wrote:
Ronald, I'm so excited about your new CD! AHHHH!!!!!!!! >:D
6 years ago
L.A.M. Productions wrote:
Dude this song RockS! ..........
6 years ago
sanjalydia (level 9) wrote:
6 years ago
hirahito (level 10) wrote:
No offense met - but you should stop doing as much 'synthesizer' based songs as more of the 'guitar' sounding songs. This one sounds exactly like a VERY good guitar player jamming out.

Excellent work.
6 years ago
robotsvsninjas wrote:
you own
6 years ago
TylerSample (level 8) wrote:
Love this song! ITS WAY FUNKY! Ronald is so talented its ridiculous!
6 years ago