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in 2004, the group began with the name of DFcto, which was carried over from other names, the first "Testing Server", then "Pain Machine X" and other names when he was metamorphosing, electro- dark to dark ambient, dark ambient and a dark wave, and as D.F.cto and then "G.O.D" became a mixture of synthpop, techno and futurepop

The only member has always been "Ari

Ari is also a composer, and has 500 or 600 compositions for piano, at least 1.8 gigabytes of music on your computer, created by Ari

Ari is currently professor of piano, and is producing electronic music all the time

The main inspiration of the group is EVE (Elizabeth Venegas Espinoza) Ari girlfriend

Despite the transformation, Ari continues to create derivatives darkwave and other genres, but never gives them to know, unless it is in small communities.
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