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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

The Low Anthem

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The Low Anthem began in 2006 as a collaboration between Ben Knox Miller, a folk musician, poet, and painter from New York's Hudson River Valley and Jeff Prystowsky, jazz bassist and baseball scholar from Jersey. The place was Providence, RI, a post-industrial city reborn as a college town and artistic hotbed. Attending Brown, the two bonded as DJs on WBRU’s freeform graveyard shift and as teammates in the wood bat summer leagues in rural Connecticut, their mutual interests in Americana, baseball, and morally agnostic narrative necessitated the formation of The Low Anthem. They began collaborating with classical composer and NASA technician Jocie Adams at Brown University in November 2007. In June of 2006 The Low Anthem released its first full-length recording, a twelve song, self-titled LP. It was recorded by Grammy-nominated producer John Paul Gauthier. Gauthier, most famous for his work with Dispatch, had also worked with John Hammond, Jr., Tom Waits, and Duke Robillard. His ears were a perfect fit for the band's sound. He turned Miller and Prystowsky onto Tom Waits and Neil Young, two introductions that would seriously alter the direction of the sound. The LP is a dozen stori... (+) expand
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renlucy (level 2) wrote:
love them ! Have the album and it's so good !!!!
7 years ago
aidenmoorelistens (level 4) wrote:
The vocals on this are beautiful!!! I can't wait to see you guys at Largo :)
7 years ago
eztephen (level 9) wrote:
Can I buy this album in Australia? Loved this from the first note. Listening to 'Charlie Darwin' on repeat for the next few days.
7 years ago
llovmaartje (level 5) wrote:
I want more The Low Anthem on T61, great music, great atmosphere!
7 years ago
ALC (level 24) wrote:
nice job on Letterman :P
7 years ago
scones (level 26) wrote:
loved this so much bought the album - truly boooootiful - perfect for bread making
7 years ago
lauriet (level 14) wrote:
7 years ago
hallelujahlockandload (level 14) wrote:
woah. RHODE ISLAND??? you're so closeee to me! i could throw a rock at where you guys are from where i am. this is exciting. i'm happy now
7 years ago
AnujSuper9 (level 25) wrote:
This is my most profound favorite song on the internet.
7 years ago
skippytunes (level 18) wrote:
something in me melts everytime I hear this. thank you.
7 years ago
LizPauley (level 7) wrote:
The harmonies gave me chills. Had to immediately listen to this again, and send to friends. Thanks!
7 years ago
somehotkid (level 30) wrote:
Amazing song. Thank you so much! More please?

Sweet T
7 years ago
Swordmaster89 (level 1) wrote:
Nice work, guys. I've been listening faithfully since 2004, and I've loved everything you all have put out. Thanks for the great tunes. Keep it up!
7 years ago
JohnnyVibe (level 13) wrote:
very nice
7 years ago
Stephb (level 14) wrote:
Come back to T61 please and THANKS
7 years ago
RisingPun (level 17) wrote:
Saw you guys in Pittsfield with Taylor Mali, and you rocked.
7 years ago
Doug Jackson wrote:
Charlie Darwin is a great piece of work, Jocie has a great voice and makes this one sweet... Ear candy all the way... Keep up the great work.. Doug
7 years ago
jellybeanlover (level 10) wrote:
ohmygoodness. this song hit me so hard. nicest shock i've had in a while. the vocals are so powerful :) x
7 years ago
Vasengard (level 12) wrote:
Like the voice, and the blue feeling about it
7 years ago
the Widest Smiling Faces wrote:
Sounds red
7 years ago