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I'm on holiday in Bali, Indonesia at the moment with limited internet access... and I've got a few songs to upload when I get back home (12th of September). :)
posted 7 years ago
Finally got a new song up :]
posted 7 years ago
Ok my 9pm cover is gonna have to be pushed back a bit. I'm nowhere near finished.

However, I've just whipped up a cool Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 remix. 1979 is my all-time favourite song, so I thought it'd be fun to remix it.

I borrowed the vocals, one of the guitars and the "to-day" sample from the original recording, the rest I done myself :)
posted 7 years ago
I'm working on a cover of ATB's 9pm (Till I Come). Should be done in a few days
posted 7 years ago
I'm in the process of making a browser based MMORPG similar to the early Final Fantasy games.

Within the next few weeks I'll posting up some medieval / baroquish compositions to be featured in the game. Hope you like them :)
posted 7 years ago
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I'm Ady Smith and I make electronic music.

~~ Listen to all my sister's acoustic tunes here :D

Thanks to all my listers and bumpers, without your support I probably wouldn't have made all this stuff in the first place. Also a special thanks to my amazingly kind patrons:

+ PeterT
+ CodyRobert
+ trumpet166
+ tjradio
+ MmeMonstre
+ coffeebuzz
+ umdesch4

Hopefully there'll be more to come in the future. :)

Also, just letting you know that if you buy one of my songs, you're free to use it in any kind of project (personal, commercial etc). And any free songs are also freely available to be used. Let me know if you do use them for anything though ;) Thanks!
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Hoppipolla covered by Ady Smith
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Beorn wrote:
Hey, I just thought i'd say I like Padma and Bromli Theme quite a lot. Padma is quite cheesy but luckily its got a real good time feel to it. Doesn't make me think of Bali though, more like floating through the sky on a hot summers day.

(PS. can you check out my new song 'Waxen Moon' and also 'Juamine' and let me know what you think. Also there's some new artwork on my facebook profile)
7 years ago
LeGypsy (level 15) wrote:
Very fantastic.
7 years ago
katarax (level 10) wrote:
7 years ago
misterho (level 27) wrote:
i love sigur ros, and i love your cover of hoppipolla! keep up the great work man
7 years ago
mjonard (level 8) wrote:
yes love the sigur ros cover ^^
7 years ago
JimChee (level 24) wrote:
Hiya !!
7 years ago
thecomeback (level 1) wrote:
7 years ago
zenfira (level 38) wrote:
7 years ago
kelkoo (level 30) wrote:
you Hoppipolla cover is just GREAT!!! :D
7 years ago
mortalwombat (level 18) wrote:
you need to hook up with DJ Earworm...I can totally envision that. :)
7 years ago
kasbah (level 27) wrote:
great music - love Autumn!
7 years ago
jiver (level 12) wrote:
really nice!
7 years ago
TheDarkRabbit (level 14) wrote:
fairly good actualy
7 years ago
whiteaden (level 20) wrote:
7 years ago
atypic (level 10) wrote:
takes me away to a very nice place. thanks :)
7 years ago
agris (level 27) wrote:
Pocker Face covered good! :)
7 years ago
buzkie (level 26) wrote:
Great work. I'm impressed
7 years ago
tedlaur (level 23) wrote:
digging "The Scientist" - you should sing more! :)
7 years ago
earliodookie (level 12) wrote:
the scientist sounds great but if do a remix for the scientist but use the original voice then it would be perfect
7 years ago
gregorz (level 21) wrote:
Really great stuff, and I really appreciate being able to download free. Gonna return with more hearts once I've given more of your songs a listen.
7 years ago