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Breakup ( E-G-E )

He was watching his wife,packing her things,
It was breaking his heart,as she took off her rings,
And she was leaving him,after all these years,
Seeing her go out that door,just brought him to tears,
Then she got in that car,and drove away,
She left with his best friend,that was hard to say,
And she never once looked back,or tried to wave,
And try hard like he did,he could not save,
Well he worked so hard,just to satisfy,
And she paid know attention,and he would cry,
Well he often wondered,what she wanted of him,
But she was just to busy,committing a sin,
Now the kids were all grown up,and he was alone,
And the house seemed to empty,for him to own,
He did not think it possible,to survive,
When she was by his side,he felt so alive,
Nothing seemed worthwhile,now she's gone,
And she was the main reason,to carry on,
There was no one there,to make him feel proud,
With her around,he felt like he's on a cloud,
When morning came,he'd have no reason,to get up,
No one to get breakfast,or a coffee cup,
He would read the paper,all by his self,
His life would no longer be,on the top shelf,
That, s just how quick,your life can change,
You had it all hear,and now its out of range,
And now your life will take,a different turn,
And it will be lacking,something you will yurn,
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