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James Miao & Samuel Hsiung

Maps & Atlases

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Maps & AtlasesChicago’s progressive songsmiths Maps & Atlases are set to release their debut album on June 29, 2010. Entitled Perch Patchwork, the record was produced by Jason Cupp (The Elected, Nurses, Cast Spells). The band’s unique style melds the technicality of progressive music and the idiosyncrasies of art rock into a fascinating and oddly accessible sound all their own. Known for their virtuosic musical ability, Maps & Atlases write pop songs with a magnificent aptitude for texture and a distinctive blend of both the intricate and organic.“It was great to be able to step outside of our live setting and imagine the songs in a different way,” said guitarist Erin Elders about the recording process for Perch Patchwork. “Jason Cupp brought another dimension to the songs that was really exciting to hear. We were able to deconstruct them part by part and then rebuild each verse or chorus with a different sonic idea.”Continues singer/guitarist David Davison, “We went into the record with the understanding that the creation of the album would be separate from its existence as a live piece of music, which was really liberating.”The members of Maps & Atlases met in ... (+) expand
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shpickle28 (level 1) wrote:
this is 'artichokes' which is also on their album You Me and the Mountain. Though I like their other album Trees, swallows, houses best I do love this song :]
7 years ago
tombleyboo (level 10) wrote:
Nananah, nananah, nananah, nananah, nahnah naw!
7 years ago
Pope Joan wrote:
7 years ago
richardjohn (level 24) wrote:
Great tune. Love it!
7 years ago
Hadronic (level 25) wrote:
congrats on making the homepage!
7 years ago
Rellin (level 27) wrote:
Oh boy, the new album!

Please unify the artist profiles for Maps & Atlases. I hope they come to the site legitimately soon.
7 years ago
hannnnnah (level 29) wrote:
woohoo!!! I love this song! I remember it from the monthly indie/rock playlists that are no more :( I thought this song was called Artichokes though... Glad to see you guys here! Keep up the good work!!
8 years ago