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Heard you moved back to Fayetteville
With that girl you used to see
Heard you got a little place
Does she remind you at all of me?

I never think about you
I never wonder how you are
I never think of how you looked
In the television light
Do you think about me?
Do you wonder how I am?
Do you think of how I kissed you
In Lexington that night?

I'm not as stupid as you think
I knew the whole time you'd be gone
I knew you didn't mean a thing you said
I'm glad you didn't prove me wrong

I never see you in my mind
In that t-shirt that you wore
The letters faded cross your chest
Your fingers warm against my thigh
Do you see me in your mind
As you're turning off the light?
Do you think of how you held me
In Lexington that night?

Down where the railroad used to run
You told me you'd never be my love, my love

I heard you finally fell in love
You said you'd never have the heart
But I guess you found one somewhere, after all
Or else some girl tore you apart

I never wish it was you
Beside me at the bar
With the band about to play
And your arm around me tight
Do you wish it was me
When you're with some other girl?
Do you think of how you touched me
In Lexington that night?
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