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Two and a half years ago, Anduze released Oracle--and then he disappeared. Over the ensuing months, he'd turn up doing acoustic shows in historic buildings converted into bars, like Freud Café in Oxford, England. Then maybe you'd see him at one of Paris's hottest clubs, Man Ray, performing with house music producer and DJ, Walter Taeib. A few weeks later, perhaps you'd catch Anduze absorbing his surroundings on the Greek island of Santorini, or spot him in the train station in Florence, Italy.

But wherever he surfaced, it didn't take long for the locals to grasp the concept--Anduze is a musician of the people--an underground realist whose reflection is mirrored through sound, not sight. During his two year absence, Anduze took some time away from his passion of songwriting. It's something every artist must do to retain clarity, originality, and most of all, sanity. Interestingly enough however, he used his pen to invoke an entirely different outlet instead, writing screenplays.

A film major in college, Anduze always eyed the prospect of entering the movie biz, which is what recently prompted him to move to a place that encompasses opportunities for all of his talents combine... (+) expand
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B3RZ3K3R (level 29) wrote:
Anduze - Falling Revived by B3RZ3K3R /5 june 2016 / 490 hearts
9 months ago
LindsayTaylor (level 9) wrote:
Fantastic sound!
7 years ago
gloriam3 (level 1) wrote:
u are greaaaaat!! i really love the sound!! i can feel it in my soul!! =) ,,, *Just feel good*
7 years ago
Lindsay Taylor wrote:
Love your sound.
7 years ago
NenaPaula (level 2) wrote:
"Falling" nice melody :o)
7 years ago
ssshhh (level 13) wrote:
Solid smooth vocals + acoustic = Love it!
7 years ago
Genji (level 35) wrote:
"Just Feel Good" is a great tune. Where can I get the lyrics?
7 years ago
catchmikey (level 8) wrote:
Man......this is downright good. Great slow jam Anduze!
7 years ago
Moe Rock wrote:
tight swagger
7 years ago
katstoy (level 1) wrote:
7 years ago
fromanny (level 10) wrote:
Rockin man. Smooth vocals meet catchy beats in a palatable mix. Well done and keep up the good work.
7 years ago
Moe Rock wrote:
7 years ago
pwalnutz (level 20) wrote:
yo man i got ahold of your name throguy john ugh geniusing some jazz artist john west your style is nice keep bringin em on peace man
7 years ago
assertnfailure (level 10) wrote:
All of your songs are among my favorite here...put up some more!
8 years ago