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Rob Costlow

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robcostlow: 2 new RMP tracks from John Albert Thomas - a pianist from Tennessee. These come from his 3rd album, Zuzu's Petals. http://bit.ly/2qfQRd
posted 6 years ago
robcostlow: Fun day w/ the fam. In awe at the size of the American Girl store. W/ 2 daughters I sense I'll be back on many occasion.
posted 6 years ago
robcostlow: Fancy digs to hit the town today. I'm sportin' the rare suit on a Saturday.
posted 6 years ago
robcostlow: Heading downtown Chicago soon for tea w/ the fam.
posted 6 years ago
robcostlow: Fun b-day party w/ my daughter last night. Watched The Little Mermaid and was reminded how old school it is. Animation has evolved SO much.
posted 6 years ago
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Find out more about Rob at www.robcostlow.com.

Music lovers of all ages become transported to a less complicated, more relaxed world with Costlow's collection of original piano melodies that showcase the talent and universal reach of his passionate and raw sound. Even though Costlow's music gets compared to certain genres, his style is not specifically ambient, new age, classical or jazz. Costlow simply delivers independent, sincere and contemporary music to which listeners can easily relate.

By the time he was twelve, Rob Costlow was trying his piano instructor's patience by adding new endings to songs during lessons and recitals. "I despised taking lessons and especially practicing other people's music. It just wasn't for me. I had many melodies running through my head, and I wanted to turn them into songs," admits Rob. This mindset soon brought an end to the lessons that began at age five. Rob realized that his musical future was going to take a different path than the one set by his teachers.

Rob is a true Hoosier born and raised in Indiana. Growing up in a large family helped Rob become focused and tenacious. As the... (+) expand
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disassembly (level 14) wrote:
Goddamn dude
3 months ago
m00ersan (level 6) wrote:
I can finally sleep! ^.^
6 years ago
matuska (level 12) wrote:
sleepaway <3
6 years ago
medisina (level 28) wrote:
wow ..found out your music..so calming...hearted it and saved =D
6 years ago
cinnamoncherry (level 11) wrote:
the photo with your daughter very nice..
6 years ago
estrellademaar (level 9) wrote:
I love the melody. gives me peace of mind....
6 years ago
superdodgy (level 10) wrote:
The song Bliss reminds me of Rick Wakeman. Please take that as a compliment :)
6 years ago
Sudha53 (level 5) wrote:
Your music is one of the few things that I can listen to and enjoy while I study. It is simple and yet lovely. I am so glad I stumbled upon your collection. Keep up the brilliant work
6 years ago
mfarley (level 8) wrote:
Reconstruction is a must have album. Such richness to it, I love it Rob keep them coming!
6 years ago
Angellightwolf (level 4) wrote:
Extraordinarily gifted and done with such graceful technique. I can soar to the clouds listening to your beautiful angelic music. Thank you...
6 years ago
meganincolour (level 9) wrote:
Your songs are amazing. You're amazing.
6 years ago
castig (level 8) wrote:
absolutely love all of your songs here. thanks so much! sometimes it reminds me a bit of Philip Glass :)
6 years ago
Lyla (level 4) wrote:
I love your songs.. ^^.. thanks for sharing!
6 years ago
alainaxveronica (level 7) wrote:
love your work, so relaxing.
6 years ago
sanjalydia (level 9) wrote:
i think your brother is one happy person when he have a song dedicted to him :)
6 years ago
Butterfly2986 (level 13) wrote:
Just listening to forever, it is beautiful. Your music always touches me when I listen to it.
6 years ago
electrog (level 10) wrote:
provocative stuff
6 years ago
petitecait (level 11) wrote:
tulip trees is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.
6 years ago
EricFarewell (level 32) wrote:
Heya Rob... The Bride and I will be out in So. Cal. come January... Want any new photos? I feel like I owe you :)
6 years ago
melanies (level 12) wrote:
6 years ago