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Well here we are... 3 years since the last proper Diesler LP *drum roll*.... Brand new material!!

'Reggae Magic' is a bubblin' re-work by Parisian producer Grant Phabao of the song 'Samba Magic' from my 4th LP 'Ties Breakers' which is due out March 2010. Featuring the vocal stylings of regular collaborator Laura Vane, this is coming out on a limited edition 7" next month (with a nice 'Dub' on the B Side) on Social Beats/Unique.

Previews of the 'Tie Breakers' LP will be up next month... the LP features guests inc. Laura Vane (The Streets, MJ Cole, Laura Vane & The Vipertones), Stee Downes (Sonar Kollectiv), Linda Bloemhard (Kraak & Smaak, The Jazzinvaders), regular Diesler collaborator Double Yellow PLUS many many more!!
posted 7 years ago

Diesler's first release was Cotton Wool, part of Tru Thoughts Shapes One compilation: despite being written when he was only 20, the song still found its way onto Radio 1, a massive achievement for a debut track. This success was followed with the Ladies and Gentlemen Get Your Engines Ready EP in June 2004; a mixture of smooth, laid-back vibes and up tempo beats, from jazz and funk to Latin rhythms, it showcased Dieslers globe-trotting sound, and magpie-like ear for the best samples, to devastating effect.

He followed that up with his debut album & double vinyl EP releases Diggin It Somethin Rotten in April 2005 and a calendar year later with Keepie Uppies, both of which are on the Tru Thoughts label. His 3rd album, The Rhythm Station, was released in October 2007 on Freestyle Records and a remixes compilation, 'Tracks On The Rocks' in 2009. He has just completed work on the next Diesler LP which is due out on Social Beats/Unique in 2010.

Aside from his own work Diesler has been remixing all over the place for labels including Ninja Tune (UK), Jugglin/Raw Fusion (Sweden), Hi Top (Spain), Schema (Italy), Tru Thoughts... (+) expand
Discovered by rayman and commented0 times
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fraisylady (level 37) wrote:
broth & sista, great tunes and energy here and real great coktail rrega and jazz !!!
7 years ago
PMD (level 25) wrote:
Love the I in Team. Looking forward to hearing the rest!
7 years ago
libby (level 30) wrote:
Diesler..............magnificent!!!!! The I In team is one of the best songs on here.
7 years ago
monkeymynd (level 16) wrote:
Good stuff!
7 years ago
Calista (level 39) wrote:
Nice tracks here!! So glad you posted these! You have such a smooth sound.....it's fabulous!!
7 years ago
AMEN (level 13) wrote:
The I In Team is going to be bouncing around in my head all day today. Nice
7 years ago
Therese Elmkvist wrote:
Hi there. Really like "The I in Team" :)
7 years ago
Fromthetop (level 9) wrote:
ALLLLL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
jeej (level 12) wrote:
If you are now able to upload another track, I vote for When She Was Bad!
9 years ago
jeej (level 12) wrote:
You've made the front page a couple of times now! Nice work.
9 years ago
Suzen JueL Resistance wrote:
9 years ago
grandesoreilles (level 30) wrote:
Good work man, really varied and dancy tunes, love it!
Have you come accross other UK artists yet?
I found some really good Scottish rappers and some kicking world music ZUBA
Keep feedin' us with good tunes and congrats to hit the home page!
9 years ago
jeej (level 12) wrote:
I'll bump them again when I level up.
9 years ago
mrvelvet (level 20) wrote:
I think you need to post around 21:30GMT otherwise not enough people hear the tracks when they're new... these deserve a bit a front page action rather than languishing on 30ish bumps... though I'll keep loving them anyway. :)
9 years ago
jeej (level 12) wrote:
Diesler is the dude!
9 years ago