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Ladyhawke is Pip Browne, a 26 years old New Zealander.

After spending time in Sydney in various bands, she has upped sticks even further still, and now resides in London.

As a music-obsessed child with very musical parents (step-father a drummer, mother a singer), she soaked up everything from the 70’s and 80’s. From Stevie Nicks and Joan Jett to Nirvana and Hole with Van Halen and Deep Purple in between. The result is a refreshing blend of rock, dance and classic song writing. As well as writing Back of the Van, Pip also plays the drums, guitar and synth on the track.

For this mix package the original producer of the track gets involved once again for the Van She Tech ‘Turbo Fire Engine’ mix… a nice half-time intro builds to a thumping thrilling ride thru roaring bass and pumped up synth lines! Fred Falke is on a roll at the moment with his excellent EP on Work It Baby and a recent run of amazing remixes… this one is no exception as he takes Ladyhawke to a glam disco dancefloor and lets the song do the rest… very classy! Lastly, London based faves of DFA Mock & Toof deliver an elastic fun-fest that rides on the original bassline and then runs amok in the percussive... (+) expand
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LEEJODA (level 10) wrote:
Gonna see you live on Sunday! :D
6 years ago
cynthiannette (level 9) wrote:
I am thoroughly enjoying it all, all of it. Thank you
6 years ago
boxboydesigns (level 22) wrote:
Merry Cchristmas =) all the best for the new year
6 years ago
steviewilz (level 22) wrote:
my dilerium is from dirt 2 hahah thats awesome! good song on good game
6 years ago
SeppaMan (level 4) wrote:
6 years ago
sely (level 33) wrote:
where are you?
6 years ago
kick808 (level 25) wrote:
I've been hearing "My Delirium" playing on Sirius Satellite radio in a good rotation. So congrats on that exposure!
6 years ago
percussionist (level 22) wrote:
Awesome music !!!
I'll replay the songs and add percussion for fun.
Keeps me smiling. Thanks.
6 years ago
AnujSuper9 (level 25) wrote:
My Delirium is one of my favorite songs I've discovered here. I'm so glad that it's also playing on some radio stations! :)
6 years ago
AwakeAwakeListener (level 11) wrote:
Love the 80's vibe!
6 years ago
darcyb (level 4) wrote:
I'm listening to My Delirium for the first time, and I feel like it's so completely relevant to the growing trend of "feels like 80s, but too cool to be stuck back there." The vocals fit as well: approachable, has character and presence that doesn't require total perfection. This is a great song! Catchy as hell!
6 years ago
ckdake (level 23) wrote:
I heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago and didn't know what it was and couldn't find it. This week, it came up randomly on this site. Awesome!
6 years ago
Scathach (level 13) wrote:
Just saw the video to My Delirium on VH1's Nocturnal State! How awesome is that?!?
6 years ago
SapphireStorms (level 17) wrote:
Music is addictive, and Pip.. you are gorgeous. Loving the pics. Keep up the great work.
6 years ago
kasia (level 20) wrote:
Me likey my dilirium, me likey Ladyhawke she haz sexy pics. XD
6 years ago
WelshStew (level 9) wrote:
Been a fan of this song for ages and I'm pretty sure they used this in StarGate Universe UK launch last night - great stuff
6 years ago
slaughtervince (level 17) wrote:
i like my dilirium
6 years ago
slaughtervince (level 17) wrote:
6 years ago
snurre (level 28) wrote:
Loving the songs :)
6 years ago
NiseHart (level 22) wrote:
I love My Delirium! It's has an 80's feel! Love Love Love it!
I jam blindly when it comes on!
6 years ago