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posted 7 years ago
Heading into the studio next week to begin recording the debut album. Keep your ears open!
posted 8 years ago
I am simple
Yet Complex
I am Gifted
But troubled
I am deep and dark
Yet soft and vulnerable.
I am blind
But my eyes can see.
I am the Master
I am the slave.
I am the need that shows
In the eyes of a loveless child.
I am the confession
I am the repenting of your sins.
I am hungry
Yet my belly does not rumble.
I am the anger in your voice
I am the sorrow in your eyes
I am the salt in your tears
I am the fire in your heart
I am the ever changing tide
I am the wave of despair
That crashes on your shore.
I am the force of nature
I am the crack of thunder
I am the raging storm itself.
I am the love story
I am the twisted tale
I am the broken record
That plays over and over
And over again.
I am the power in your muscle
I am the strength in your arms
I am the spirit in your fight.
I am alive in your breathing.
I am the quickness in your step
And the grace in your walk
I am the virtue in your being
and the hope in your promise.
I am the wisdom in your advice.
I am the stranger in the street
I am your neighbour
I am your Brother
Your Father
Your Son
And your lover.
I am your dream
And your nightmare.
I am the friend in need
I am the enemy within.
I am strong
But I am weak
I am hopeful
Yet... (+) expand
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pickassoreborn (level 29) wrote:
Very cool!
8 years ago
Ashley Riley wrote:
I really enjoy your music! Great work! I also really like your bio...very cool.
8 years ago
rootlessroom (level 28) wrote:
I have a feeling you songs are going to be on repeat for a long time. great job and way to use your talent!
8 years ago
hey gary!
so happy to find you here...
we played together in london.... forget the venue now, ha
but i remember being blown away by your tunes and performance!
if you ever come to NYC give me a shout!!!
luthea xxx
8 years ago
CherHarrington (level 37) wrote:
Wow Gary, love every part of this song, the music, the voice, the lyrics, what a mesh of fantastic talent.
8 years ago
geetargrll (level 17) wrote:
Love the new song, Gary! Thanks!
8 years ago
tenaciouspicc (level 8) wrote:
i wait (rather impatiently) for a CD to come out.and remember,some of us are in the US so make sure i can get my hands on it too!!
8 years ago
studioustud (level 35) wrote:
You are talented
BUT need to make your songs available for purchase.
(I want "secrets out')
9 years ago
8 ears wrote:

we are from kuala lumpur, malaysia. please sample our songs. if you like what you hear, you can download them from iTunes or AmazonMP3.

thanks for listening.

8 ears.

P.S. sorry for the SPAM.
9 years ago
djellioto (level 6) wrote:
Your music is most impressive. Where can I buy a CD?
9 years ago
djellioto (level 6) wrote:
Your music is most impressive. Where can I buy a CD?
9 years ago
Suzen JueL Resistance wrote:
The Artist....what you wrote in your bio...reminds me of everything i've thought of 'this type of nature' that keeps us connected to all that is beautiful. Your music washes thru me, in that sweet Visual way!
9 years ago
hughdench (level 11) wrote:
A born superstar!! Really enjoy your tunes!!! Fantastic!! :)

(My Artist Site)

9 years ago
katiesays (level 2) wrote:
Good stuff superstar x
9 years ago
Levi Weaver wrote:
i saw that, dude. good work...
9 years ago
missi (level 28) wrote:
Gary- so glad you're on t61. Your music has found a permanent home in my daily listens playlist. I love Little Bear and I'm thrilled to be able to add it to my iPod. Thanks.
9 years ago
agstanley (level 8) wrote:
*Ahem* Good job :)
9 years ago
agstanley (level 8) wrote:
Where is "Consequences"?
9 years ago
agstanley (level 8) wrote:
Yay, Gary! (And yay for Levi, who I am sure told you to join this site.)

Make a CD already.
9 years ago
LMMS (level 30) wrote:
I've found another edition to my 'bedtime' soudtrack. You're voice is both beautiful and soothing while your lovely, soft guitar work is the icing on the cake. Oh yeah - LOVE the bio.
9 years ago