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The Guardian - Best song's about adventure.

Merz song Silver Moon Ladders was placed 3rd in The Guardian newspaper's 'Top Ten Songs About Adventure'. Amongst the most illustrious company the underdog Merz holds a torch for Dreamcore.

read the article online here
posted 8 years ago
Come On All You Faithfull

“A likely candidate for album of the year. It’s that special.” 5/5 Sunday Times Pop CD of the Week
"Conrad Lambert displays the kind of talent that pop award judges shouldn't be allowed to ignore.....there is such a wealth of natural songwriting ability on display here...it’s the singers lyrical gift that grip’" 5/5 Independent Album of the Week
“Had Thom Yorke penned anything as moving as ‘Silver Moon Ladders’ or ‘Presume Too Much’ for his solo effort, the applause would still be ringing” 4/5 Uncut
"Chris Martin has endorsed Merz in the past because he knows that only at the absolute top of their game can his band get close to the power of Lambert's songwriting. Only two questions remain: why isn't he much much more famous and why did he name the album after a removal truck?" The Times
“Intricate, melodious songs that blend electronica and folk… understated, heartfelt stuff” 4/5 Q
"Lambert is a singular talent... an album of subtle enchantments" The Observer
“A delicate, sweetly sung tour de force” 4/5 The Sun
“Unsettlingly good” 7/10 NME
“An album of rare musical intelligence, illuminated by intriguing arrangements…there’s no doubt he’s a significant if eccentric talent” Daily Telegraph
posted 8 years ago
Merz "Daytrotter Session"

While touring in USA last Sept' Merz stopped off in Rock Island, Illinois to record for the fast-becoming legendary 'Daytrotter Sessions'. The 4 songs he recorded are available to listen and download free on the link below along with a startling description of the session by Sean Moeller where, finally, the thread between Kermit the Frog and Merz is established.

download daytrotter session here
posted 8 years ago
The Sunday Times Best of 2008

Kudos to The Sunday Times for choosing Merz song Call Me as one of their 20 best tracks of 2008. The list is preceded by an insightful article on the pop music of last year.

read here folks
posted 8 years ago
Listen to it at KCRW


Ask at your local record store offline and online

"Presume Too Much"
Latest single was released 17th March 2008

"Moi et Mon Camion"
Latest album was released 24th March 2008
posted 8 years ago
Although some tiffs between artist and record label end badly for the artist, sometimes a little distance from the kerfuffle allows the artist to make a more honest go of it the second time around, being freed from the yoke of corporate music culture. This was the case with Bristol based musician Merz (real name: Conrad Lambert) who, after leaving behind a major label deal in 1999 returned in 2005 with the album Loveheart. The return work won Merz a great deal of respect and plaudits, as well as freedom from the massive amounts of hype that plagued the early part of his career. A single in March of 2008, entitled "Presume Too Much," was released to critical praise, and was to be followed by Merz's third album, Moi et Mon Camion. The album was to feature the talents of Orbital's Paul Hartnoll. ~ Chris True, All Music Guide
Myspace can be found here: www.myspace.com/merzuk
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faberex (level 43) wrote:
nice these new songs...........but

Try to load songs slowly - one or two at a time and then let them collect the looove - before loading more usually a week or two. People have limited "hearts" to give your songs, and it's best to build a following slowly.
7 years ago
zenfira (level 38) wrote:
Awesome new tracks, really lovely!
7 years ago
woodjean (level 31) wrote:
"Verliy" is very good.
7 years ago
drablos (level 42) wrote:
I love your new song ! :-)
7 years ago
musicmissionary (level 32) wrote:
You're really onto something with these latest ones.
7 years ago
alinescu (level 13) wrote:
You will make more than one people happy if you would upload "Verily".
7 years ago
chiefhigh (level 45) wrote:
Lotus is such a great song...Why is it just coming up on the rack after 10 months? I don't understand the rack rotation at all !
8 years ago
unclefesta (level 43) wrote:
Still one of the best acts on the 61. Presume too much is top class!
8 years ago
btgoss (level 29) wrote:
Great stuff.
Let us know when you come to Babylon to play.
9 years ago
geordielass (level 35) wrote:
You got a great review on 6 music today. hope the new album does well for you.
9 years ago
grandesoreilles (level 30) wrote:
I'm just blown off.
Lotus is a beauty!
9 years ago
iWex (level 40) wrote:
Thanks for the new song! Made an effort today to get your music noticed today (It was the official "Give merz Love Day"... I couldn't believe your music wasn't getting the attention it deserved!

Keep posting -- I love your stuff!
9 years ago
twinhead (level 35) wrote:
Slowly but surely you are picking up bumps now and quite rightly so. Took people a while to notice but now they seem to be.
9 years ago
hashref (level 27) wrote:
Can't believe that you aren't getting the bumps. Your music is great.
9 years ago