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Kimo Watanabe

reggae and folk     229 listeners


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Final mixes are complete on the Rebel Zion 6 song EP, Sending the tracks off to be mastered this week.
posted 7 years ago
Kimo Watanabe & Rebel Zion have finished recording work on their 6 song EP. Album needs to be mastered, but should be out soon! I'll post a couple of un-mastered tracks.
posted 7 years ago
Getting the boys together to record a roots reggae EP next month, with a more acoustic roots, singer songwriter EP to follow, and then the Hawaiian EP. I figured that maybe it would be easier to get these out with the varied styles they are if I recorded them all as 5 song EP's
posted 7 years ago
News about the band? My favorite color is blue. . . is that something?
posted 8 years ago
At 5 Kimo was rocking out to his parent's Neil Diamond "America" record. He and his sister would launch themselves off the couch screaming "Today! . . . my country tis of thee . . . Today!" into toy block mircophones

At 7 he was in the basement moon walking to Michael Jackson's Thriller with his cousin, and recording songs on his sister's Karaoke machine/recorder.

At 10 he discovered Hip Hop and got his first gold chain (colored a piece of white string gold using your standard Crayola) and rocked it like nobody's business. (Anybody love a little "Ladies Love Cool James?"

At 17 he was fronting his first band screaming out some Doors and Jimi Hendrix joints. Inspired by these classic artists, he entered and won a local writing contest; using the winnings to buy his first guitar (A beautiful Washburn dreadnaught).

At 19 Kimo was exposed to Hawaiian music. Playing this traditional music with various Aunties, Uncles, and friends made a profound impression on him. This is the influence that has led to his own unique style and sets him apart as an artist.

Today, he goes by the motto, "You play the music that you feel. Regardless of style, you play what you feel". When you hear Kim... (+) expand
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DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
you're welcome and heck, I LOVE the intro, too - when you dropped into the reggae, it really caught me pleasantly off-guard - I dig you're relaxed/comfortable delivery - really makes your music so accessible - if anyone really listens, they won't be able to NOT like what they're hearing - your guitar playing is sweet - love your voice -I'll be listening ...
7 years ago
Kimo Watanabe wrote:

Thanks for checking out my music and your kind message. Glad to hear that you made it past the intro on Oppression. I LOVE it, but wonder if others will too. Thanks again!
7 years ago
DiscFrisker (level 27) wrote:
Oppression ... first listen to your music and am most pleased to be able to 'discover' a song as well - love your style, your delivery and your talent - love the laid-back reggae you've got going on - your production is top-notch, too
continued success with your gift - use wisely - it sounds great ...

much respect
7 years ago
bixby22 (level 27) wrote:
Thanks! I'm surprised you remembered. Max bumps are in order.
7 years ago
icinglady (level 33) wrote:
Just found you today, and WOW! I am truly enjoying this. Won't Let You Down....can't say enough good!
7 years ago
Faafetai (level 25) wrote:
No problem Uso, you got some really good tracks here. Malo lava
7 years ago
tehtomi (level 9) wrote:
Awesome, you revived and old favorite of mine, all along the watchtower, thank you! if only i could sing like you :| http://www.thesixtyone.com/CovetThyDroid/
7 years ago
cmagnuson (level 33) wrote:
Upcountry on Haleakala is some of the most beautiful land I have ever seen in my life and your song certainly does represent the area beautifully. Maui is a magical place. Is that where you are from?
7 years ago
Oddpart (level 10) wrote:
Congrats on leveling up!
8 years ago
jasontag (level 24) wrote:
Aloha Kimo! Just writing to say keep up the great work. I love your style bro!

Jason Tag
8 years ago
reygamba (level 32) wrote:
Mahalo a nui loa.... to you too!
i haven't got the foggiest idea of what it means, but i hope it's all good

Mucho Corazon!
8 years ago
banx (level 13) wrote:
Word to your Kimo.
8 years ago
zztype (level 28) wrote:
Kimo, can you email blainef@oha.org? Mahalo!
8 years ago
goldenfleece (level 21) wrote:
Thanks. The Historic sounds open to jam sessions. Too bad he's all the way over in Connecticut.
Sure like your music. I was born in Logan. Have a good session.
8 years ago
Oddpart (level 10) wrote:
This will take its rightful place in my collection of many versions of this song. Certainly unique and a great listen. Wish I could make it to Logan to hear you.
8 years ago
CherHarrington (level 37) wrote:
8 years ago
Kalei (level 37) wrote:
Oh wow...you guys are playing in Logan this weekend! Wish I could make the show. :( Where is Logan from Heber anyways? haha I don't get out of Heber much. Hoping you upload some new songs soon!
btw...@zztype (below) is my brother. :)
Aloha ~ Kalei
8 years ago
zztype (level 28) wrote:
Mahalo Kimo. Love the Evil Seagulls music, especially Dream On. But I'm a Hawaii boy, too. Extra appreciation for Haleakala and Maui. My Hawaiian roots are in Kula, Makawao, and Hana.
8 years ago
Pieps wrote:
good Songs !!! remind me in a way of Joan Armetrading .

HAVE FUN !!! yours Pieps
8 years ago
stormz69 (level 10) wrote:
Kinda like Nick Drake, but happy :)
8 years ago