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We’re closer everyday,
and yet so far away.
I feel the space between,
a barrier unseen.

But I...But I...But I found out something ‘bout you!

You say it’s meant to be,
yet stand there so distantly.
You say you love me more,
I’m not so very sure.

‘Cause I…‘Cause I…‘Cause I found out something ‘bout you!

You’re an Asymptote!
You tease me and you’ll never quit the game.
You’re an Asymptote!
And your behavior’s driving me insane!

Maybe at the end of time,
I will finally know your touch,
and I’m sure it is sublime,
but I’m limiting this crush.

So remove yourself from me, you discontinuity.
But you stand your ground as the upper bound,
and whisper so softly:

A hole I’m not.
Maybe you have got,
the wrong idea my pal.
It’s our destiny, an eternity,
side by side, get comfortable.

And I know I’m not,
very good – so what –
at being rational.

I’ll leave that to you,
maybe while you do,
look at who we are.

I’ll leave that to you,
maybe while you do,
look at who’s creepin’ on who.
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