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The 8-Bit Boys

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posted 6 years ago
8BB2...coming soon
posted 6 years ago
Buy "8-Bit Diagrams" @ www.8bitboys.com or download the free edition @ www.myspace.com/8bitboys
posted 8 years ago
With their debut album “8-Bit Diagrams” released, hip hop quartet The 8-Bit Boys aim to re-purpose Nintendo nostalgia for an innovative, accessible new sound. Self-identified “Nerdcore” rappers, The 8-Bit Boys united in early 2008, in hopes of reaching audiences’ hearts by retreading classic N.E.S. soundtracks as a backbone for their unique and inviting brand of hip hop.Although Nerdcore rap has existed for some time (arguably, since MC Frontalot put a label on the style with his single, “Nerdcore Hip Hop” of 2000), the broad array of intimidating subject matters (computer programming and hacking, quantum physics among others) and general tendency toward novice production value has kept the genre from gaining its due share of mainstream attention. The 8-Bit Boys Want to go further than the playlist at the next L.A.N. Party, however, with savvy production and dexterous vocals, and have set their target audience considerably wider than that of their their predecessors, extending a vigorous invitation to anyone who has hummed along with Super Mario Brothers, Tetris and Castlevania.
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themoogle (level 11) wrote:
Vampire Killers is so sick.
7 years ago
CoreyManikenMatthews (level 9) wrote:
Nice concepts.
7 years ago
JonseyMcFly (level 13) wrote:
Only hatein couse the ranger totally disses on da epp.!
7 years ago
Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire wrote:
I love Nerd Rap Entertainment System; it's great to hear a spiritual successor.
7 years ago
mtstromberg (level 4) wrote:
Never heard of Nerdcore Hip Hop before. Absolutely love it!
7 years ago
mattclark2 (level 18) wrote:
Ya so I think i just had a nerdgasm.

keep it up fellas, love the work.
7 years ago
chandlerbing (level 19) wrote:
vampire killers...
funniest shit ever
esp since i love castlevania
7 years ago
jdyoung0916 (level 4) wrote:
this music is awesome
7 years ago
Kilrizzy wrote:
7 years ago
Sketch Williams wrote:
Great tunes......love the vib.....super cool!!!!
7 years ago
kenyadoit (level 19) wrote:
I miss this game even more after listening to this. And the pacing of this song is great!
7 years ago
ea42582 (level 9) wrote:
I love this song! I can't help dancing in my seat at the office. :-)
7 years ago
kingofbeggers (level 9) wrote:
Good stuff here
7 years ago
Platypuss (level 12) wrote:
Vampire killers.. sounded funny at first... but actually is really good!..
7 years ago
OtakuMaros (level 10) wrote:
Where's Faulty Console? I love that track!
7 years ago
stoke (level 11) wrote:
I love this song!
7 years ago
dorflingerz (level 12) wrote:
perserverence is my ally, I aint ready to fall....

great song
7 years ago
Metamorph wrote:
7 years ago
addumb (level 17) wrote:
"You steal men's souls!"
"Perhaps the same can be said of all religions!"
7 years ago
mrwildflowers (level 7) wrote:
This is seriously the best hip hop I've heard in 3 years or so!
7 years ago