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Da Kingdom Mixtape LP One of the best free community LPS ever made
Dedication and hard work for the hip hop generation
South Carolina ATL raise up
posted 7 years ago
Hip Hop Saviour
posted 7 years ago
A fatherless individual who was raised by a single parent. That parent happened to be a gift from God himself. It so happens I have this incredible comprehensive gift to make music. With this gift I'm going give back to my mother 10 fold and my wife. I'm going to carry my state, South Carolina on my back. My word is my bond.
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typecast wrote:
Yo... Rifle is dope man.
6 years ago
cr3wn wrote:
sorry about excursion download it was a beat I created and now is lost. I hope you find my other downloads impressive. Maybe one day it will appear on here stay on it.
6 years ago
tinmantcb (level 10) wrote:
you used to have a beat on here called excursion... i was able to get a download of it off here.. love that one. too bad it ain't on here no more
6 years ago
CesarJulius (level 36) wrote:
The wolf pics are cool!

Check out my buddy, SumKid, hailing from North Cak by way of Chicago, Atlanta, NY, and LA.
7 years ago
deeboy157 (level 6) wrote:
hey man....hoping you come on board our site soon so we can wave your flag!!!

here is the sign up link: http://soundsugar.net/admin/ArtistCreate.aspx

Built from the ground up by soundsugar team!
7 years ago
Chanj wrote:
good music. I like your flow. I always have liked the live beat sound...
7 years ago
deeboy157 (level 6) wrote:
Hey ..cr3wn we will be patiently waiting for you to bless our website when you get the chance...it's one click away...!!!


We would love to showcase you man and help wave your flag! We are serious about music promotion and helping Artist get paid while doing their thing
7 years ago
deeboy157 (level 6) wrote:
cr3wn...Granite hip Hop Wave is off the meat rack!!!!! I hope you are pushing this masterful work of art.....Not for nothing, I'm From the Polo grounds NYC where all this began in it's current form...THIS TRACK HAS THE REALEST TONE!!!
7 years ago
cr3wn wrote:
Thanx for all the support people
7 years ago
Fireball1984 (level 1) wrote:
I love the Get it track keep on doing the great things you do in rap you Will make it
7 years ago