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überLAB (Leo Jun) is a Los Angeles based electronic musician / gadget geek / gamer extraordinaire, with a unique musical background.

A native “Seoulite”, überLAB survived strict classical music training in Korea, US, and Italy, before being awestruck by electronic music from the likes of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Suzanne Ciani.

Paying his dues and honing his writings skills, überLAB has written for various film and dramas, collaborating with Korea’s finest musicians. He has spent countless hours in the studio producing what has become some of Korea’s top hip-hop acts today.

After moving to Los Angeles, überLAB has developed a profound interest in developing a unique sound of his own and started to focus his efforts on writing. This soon became an eclectic collection of electronic music, exceeding 50 complete songs. Cherry picked and refined, the resulting album became “überwunder”, überLAB’s debut album release.

Featuring 15 original compositions built on various motifs derived from a conglomeration of past experiences, the album reflects an overall sound that’s a fusion of retro and modern electronica, full of intense articulations and haunting melodies.

überLAB says of his music: “As a child, I was awestruck by so many amazing people in music, game design, and manga / anime…I couldn’t contain myself! I can still remember clearly the first time I played “Realm of Impossibility” on my C64, when I read “Mazinger Z”,and when I listened to “Poland” by Tangerine Dream. Those were defining moments for me. überwunder is my tribute to the creators of all the wonderful things I grew up with…it’s my way of saying thank you.”
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