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DJ Catalyst

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A brand new sound from CATALYST. Mixing the memorable Office Theme song with a Dubstep twist.

posted 6 years ago
Live footage from the ELEKTROK show. Check it out:

posted 7 years ago
"Play With The Music" released on Graciellita's new Shine album on iTunes!

Get your copy here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/play-with-music-catalyst/id331935199?i=331935708
posted 7 years ago
Proud to release the latest and greatest song collab.

"Play With The Music"
In collaboration with Graciellita
Check out her page: thesixtyone.com/graciellita

The Shine EP album will be releasing this month. Check back for iTunes links.
posted 7 years ago
***NEW REMIX!***


***OUT NOW!***
posted 8 years ago
CAT⋅A⋅LYST [kat-a-list]

1. One that causes activity and/or reaction between two or more objects.
2. A person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.

CATALYST - A DJ and Producer whose strong passion for electro has influenced a wide variety of remixes and originals. Bred from the parents of disco and classic rock Catalyst has evolved into a heavier and more melodic take on his production side of music. However, his DJ sets hit much stronger than that. Influenced by artists such as Justice and Bloody Beetroots, Catalyst designs his DJ sets for pure adrenaline. From beginning to end it is nothing but a rollercoaster of emotions and thats the exactly the kind ride CATALYST enjoys. From the stage to your home, It's always a party. With 8 yrs of DJing, 4 yrs professionally and 5 yrs of production under his belt Catalyst is ready to start a new wave. His debut album is in the works and will be releasing this year. Big things will be coming from CATALYST.




For bookings, collaborations, or if you're even throwing a big dance party contact CAT... (+) expand
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medisina (level 28) wrote:
yes i will..thanks for the update =D
looking forward for your awesome music agian..!!!
keep rocking!!!!!!yeeeeeeeeee (^_^)
7 years ago
medisina (level 28) wrote:
=D DJ catalyst!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3
dun have hearts right now..but ill be back
7 years ago
archannair (level 10) wrote:
fantasitc mixes!
7 years ago
chucck (level 5) wrote:
poker face is very good but cartman i think isn't the goodest vocal :D
anyway +1
7 years ago
ThelenShar (level 17) wrote:
Aye, Megaman is very slick!
7 years ago
Rytron (level 7) wrote:
you remixed megaman 3 intro. i love you.
7 years ago
bertonia (level 23) wrote:
Oh man, these remixes are great. Way to go man, keep it up
7 years ago
lukeagreen (level 9) wrote:
Freaking Awesome!
7 years ago
ThelenShar (level 17) wrote:
Thanks man, I am grabbing now!

I hope they are in nice high quality, better than T61 anyway ;)

7 years ago
Kazerst (level 15) wrote:
Wow, nice remix of poker face
7 years ago
clutch (level 25) wrote:
No man, you are made of win. :)
7 years ago
clutch (level 25) wrote:
You are teh rawk.
7 years ago
ThelenShar (level 17) wrote:
Wow awesome!

Dropbox seems to have an error though, perhaps it will resolve itself otherwise perhaps should try another host/email.

I'll do that, good music deserves to be spread!!

7 years ago
asrb13 (level 22) wrote:
just saw the youtube for this song and has 18000 views Go Catalyst!:CartmanvsLadyGaga
7 years ago
TEEH33 (level 15) wrote:
lol cartman vs lady gaga
7 years ago
Antidote & Sevannah wrote:
Great tracks
7 years ago
Staceylhs (level 17) wrote:
great remix of the way I are;)I fell in love with it:pmakes me wanna dance!!!

7 years ago
ThelenShar (level 17) wrote:
Hey buddy, is there any way to purchase all your music? I seen you talk about iTunes, but no link as of yet?

Also I'd like all of it, not just some ;)

Cheers buddy!
7 years ago
hypernation (level 32) wrote:
That Cartman track just HAD to be done!
7 years ago
geoffc (level 16) wrote:
Brilliant mashup of Cartman and Lady Gaga. Just brilliant.
7 years ago