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Sleigh Bells

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The initial meeting between Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells sounds almost like a scene out of a movie: he was working at a Brooklyn, NY restaurant during the summer of 2008; she, a fifth grade public school teacher, was one of his customers and by chance they started talking about music. A mere week later they were recording together and thus, Sleigh Bells were formed. To make matters even more interesting, the two come from very different musical backgrounds, with Derek playing hardcore in the Florida-based band Poison the Well for six years, and Alexis being part of a pop group during her teens. Their differences seem to have merged though as their current music is a bit of a mix between soft and hard. What really got my attention though were the beats. Upon first hearing their EP 2HELLWU I couldn’t help but wonder what hot shot hip-hop producer these two had teamed up with. Tracks such as ”Infinity Guitars” and “Holly” sound almost like The Kills produced by The Neptunes, while the title track and the sweet “Ring Ring” are much more laid back. The producing is all Derek’s doing though and according to him, “everything starts with and revolves around a beat; voc... (+) expand
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