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Sam Hart

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blinktwice4y: @sophiacated i dunno.. i'm really dumb sometimes -_-
posted 6 years ago
blinktwice4y: @Claire0213 thanks <3
posted 6 years ago
blinktwice4y: @crumpet i went through cdbaby.com! they're a great service
posted 6 years ago
blinktwice4y: totally almost accidentally bought my own song on itunes. that would have been awkward.
posted 6 years ago
blinktwice4y: @gunnarolla aghhhh nooo that's like tweeting #vodka to an @alcoholic
posted 6 years ago
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Revived by Zasha and commented277 times
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Rhyos (level 24) wrote:
Even all these years later, my wife and I still go into gigglefits when this song comes on.
1 month ago
tester7762 (level 4) wrote:
Mooooooorrreeee.... [lol] ;D
6 years ago
sjapaws (level 6) wrote:
I think you should definitely do another song about Mario and all his buds.
6 years ago
mhearmusik (level 7) wrote:
light so light like a feather is this song like it much...:-))
6 years ago
susyluwho (level 13) wrote:
: ) love this song!!!
6 years ago
yawger (level 11) wrote:
Took me back to a great time in my life when all that mattered was getting the best time on Mario Raceway to get a golden N64 controller. Keep doing what you're doing.
6 years ago
Springflowerchild (level 7) wrote:
Love it, made me smile :)
6 years ago
EricFarewell (level 32) wrote:
More music soon? :)
6 years ago
flutterflutter (level 20) wrote:
More songs, more songs!
6 years ago
shc1970 (level 13) wrote:
awww.... how sweet. (Mario Kart Love Song)

very nicely done. Looking forward to seeing other songs from you.
6 years ago
doolaik (level 11) wrote:
such a lovely and geeky song; love it!
6 years ago
sudzie (level 12) wrote:
I love your music so much! You should definitely upload your other songs as well!
6 years ago
bstevo (level 10) wrote:
this is genius, I wish I would have come up with this.
6 years ago
marynevershoutsnever (level 7) wrote:
gah, can't you make this a free download...not to be greedy or whatever but im broke right now :P haha
6 years ago
karina (level 17) wrote:
truly captures the love and sacrifice of mario kart
6 years ago
Geodew (level 11) wrote:
Why don't you upload any of your other songs?

Everyone -- youtube blinktwice4y is his YT channel, check out all his other originals!! They're all wonderful
6 years ago
jcosenza (level 8) wrote:
Love it!
6 years ago
HoshiKo (level 6) wrote:
"Life is simple" thats what this song sez to my heart. :]
6 years ago
emlem (level 12) wrote:
I'm pretty sure this is the most fitting love song for me that I've ever heard.
I adore it
6 years ago
craftypunkn (level 10) wrote:
Most Romantic Song ever. totally blows anything by Bryan Adams out of the Water!!
6 years ago