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New York, NY

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My name is Sarah Solovay, and I'm a singer, songwriter, performer, college student, and dog person.

A few things about me:

I have a very serious addiction to cookie dough (the kind you buy at the supermarket that comes in a tube… it’s incredible).

I’m a huge slob. My college roommate is a saint.

I hate warm weather, and I love rain. There are few things better than being indoors on a rainy day.

I love talking to strangers. I also love eavesdropping on conversations and reading other peoples' text messages when they first pop up on their phone screens. Sorry in advance for encroaching on your personal space!

I love making fun of really awkward situations, especially while I’m still in them. I believe a sense of humor is the most important quality a person can have. (Kindness is a close second.)

I’m obsessed with love.

I love people who aren’t afraid of anything. I like to pretend that I’m one of these people, but those bugs…

I think super fat dogs are the most adorable things ever.

I write a lot of songs and think it would be pretty cool if you'd listen to them if you ever have a free second or something.
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