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Nashville, TN

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Beans on Toast is one man with a guitar. Hes been playing songs for about a year on time of writing this (25th June 2006) and intends to do this for a bit longer. Hes convinced that global warming is going to wipe out civilisation any minute now. Hes bored of racism. He enjoys having sex. He drinks too much. He has recently bought a new guitar. He intends to offer his songs for download on this site. He intends to change them on a regular basis. He is aware that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. He likes North London. He has a beautiful girlfriend. He pretends to be a gypsy Hes a big fan of Tom Robbins. Hes not a big fan of capitalism. He owns an Apple Mac. He spent the last year making some sort of stand against myspace. This is his myspace page. He has his tail between his legs. He is a proud Sagittarius. He pretends to be a hippy. All his songs have the same chords and he sounds like Billy Bragg.
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