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Infectious, heartfelt, and enchanting are not terms thrown around for just any artist, but for Shannon Corey, they are more than fitting. Drawing from personal experiences and classical training, Shannon’s soulful lyrics and captivating musical stylings truly reflect a beautiful new vibe of sensuous class. “…nothing but elegant vocals and piano, a storm cloud atmosphere, and a subtle, wistful sexiness.” (Michael Gallant Keyboard Magazine)

When it comes to musical experience, Shannon has more than enough to go around. She began taking classical piano lessons at the young age of 3 but by 16 had enthusiastically moved on to composing her own music. “I started writing when I was fed up with playing classical,” says Shannon. “It was my high school best friend’s birthday so I wrote her a song and played it in front of the entire school. Everyone wanted a copy to give to their friends. I’ve been writing ever since!”

The attention generated by her music at such a young age has only grown as the now 28 year-old singer/songwriter/pianist has come into her own. Recently featured on an episode of MTV’s The Real World: Cancun, Shannon’s music is now reaching a much larger audience than in her high school days.

Born in New York City and raised in Providence, RI, Shannon has found inspiration from such artists as Ben Folds, Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, and Tori Amos. After pursuing a college degree in musical theatre while living in Manhattan, Shannon decided to take the jump into the NYC singer/songwriter scene and has never looked back.

Releasing her debut album unsaid in January of 2007, Shannon’s talent did not go unnoticed. Since the release, she has been named Keyboard Magazine’s Unsigned Artist of the Month, High Times Magazine’s Unsigned Artist of the Week, and was a Pop Featured Artist at CD Reviews By You. She also struck an endorsement deal with Yamaha, joining their roster of talented musicians.

With so much recognition from the music scene and fans eagerly awaiting another album, Shannon decided to go back into the studio and record the EP Overdue. The five-song disc, named after one of Shannon’s newest fan favorite songs, is appropriately titled. After two years of touring, writing, and composing, Shannon displays her growth as not only a musician, but as a singer. “The new EP is much more advanced by way of writing and vocals,” explains Shannon. “My voice has turned into something very different since unsaid; more emotional and influenced by artists like Jeff Buckley and Rocco DeLuca.”

Shannon’s vocals are not the only thing that has advanced since unsaid, however. On Overdue, her songwriting has also become more involved and experiments with time signatures, an influence she attributes to the band As Tall As Lions. “Let Me Out”, a new track from Overdue, is an emotionally driven song that has become a hit during live shows, and a live performance video is featured on her Facebook and personal website

When describing the title track, “Overdue”, Shannon states that it is “catchy, but not typical”. “Overdue” is one of many songs that Shannon has poured her heart into, a trait that can be heard throughout the relatable lyrics. “Hold On”, one of the songs featured on MTV's The Real World: Cancun, shares this attribute and exemplifies Shannon’s use of lyrics for emotional release. “I love being able to say things in a song that you can’t say to someone’s face,” explains Shannon. “I find it rewarding playing songs for people and then having them say, ‘I know exactly what you mean’.”

Armed with an infectious pop-rock-classical sound and a growing fan base, Shannon is building up her name in the music world. When asked what the future holds for her, Shannon’s response is simple, “I more than anything want to promote the music,” says Shannon. “Write, record, and tour. Hopefully get more placements on TV and Film, too.” With all of the groundwork Shannon has put forth so far, it will be no surprise to see these dreams come to fruition in a short time.
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