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Los Angeles, CA

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Transformation. Contemplation of the infinitely small that thrives within life's stellar, watershed moments. Space and time rewind, intertwined.

ShyBoy's world is rich with melancholy happiness. And the roadmap to his soul is his music. His debut recording, "Bird In Flight," exists in a parallel of modern and retro, of deep color and black and white.

Expressive vocals are ensconced in an outer universe that floats, ebbs and soars - sometimes all at once. Juxtaposed are odd pairings of the organic and synthesized. Other-worldly, sleek and fine alien imagery from places far, far away mesh with sunrise, sunset and the cheap drum machine you owned as a teenager that you never really learned how to play. Until now.

Machines and heartbeats. All of this and still you're not sure if he's shy - or maybe just ignoring you.
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