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Sideways Reign

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CD Review from www.unpeeled.net:

SIDEWAYS REIGN: "A Stand For All Stages" (CD Baby)
RELEASED? Out now.
SOUNDS LIKE? "Their lead vocal man is good enough to front The Great Crusades, a gravel-saw rasp from the testosterone basement and their lead guitar man spits lovely combinations of the liquid and the lethal, they are top draw Americana. It's only the challenging number of time changes, elaborate arrangements and apparent refusal to admit Mr Catchy that stop them from troubling Simon Cowell. Sideways Reign are, all of 'em, outstanding and often astounding musical technicians, pure listening pleasure and "A Stand For All Stages" is funk-hard-rock masterclass from top to bottom. Even so, I'd love to hear them stoop to a bit of cheap, nasty, simple hook-riff and raise their profile.
IS IT ANY GOOD? It's brilliant, if you like music, you'll love this."
WHERE IS IT? www.myspace.com/sidewaysreign
posted 8 years ago
Sideways Reign, based in Union, Washington, is a band representative of the artistic sensibilities of the masses. They're your local barkeep, the hard-hat wearing construction worker, or the ice cream maker on the corner; on and off stage they remain the approachable, everyday guys you grab a beer with after work. In the same sense A Stand For All Stages, the band's debut LP, offers something for the broadest of audiences with a genre defying blend of rock, blues, folk, and reggae wrapped in a "F#ck The Man" vibe we can all appreciate.

The group started in childhood. Cousins Justin Stang (vocalist/acoustic guitar) and Casey Dehe (electric guitar) spent their summers playing together between family visits to New York and Washington. After countless jam sessions, the additional elements of a full band became a necessity. Through local acquaintances, Stang and Dehe hooked up with drummer and Washington native Mike Dennis. Later, after sensing the potential of Sideways Reign, Cody Goodwin decided to sidebar his aspirations as a singer/songwriter to focus on bass and round out the band's permanent line-up.

The resulting album, A Stand For All Stages, followed the success of the EP ... (+) expand
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Jiant (level 2) wrote:
Great sound! Keep up the good work!
7 years ago
freetobeme61 (level 25) wrote:
You are sweeeeeet - Rock on!
8 years ago
kevincobarno (level 44) wrote:
Keep the groove flowin!
8 years ago
rayman (level 35) wrote:
Welcome! Love that *F*ck the man vibe and I do appreciate it.
8 years ago
circerhode (level 48) wrote:
Hello and welcome to t61.Love your music.You might want to check the times you posted for your radio show this Friday..(-:
8 years ago