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FREE FULL LENGTH ALBUM @ www.softsilence.com

Live band includes Bryan Dixon (18), Nathan Bjornberg (16), and Brent Rowley (19). All songs written and recorded by Bryan Dixon.
posted 8 years ago
Soft Silence came up in the late 2000's, just as the SoCal hardcore scene began to lose popularity. It was a new generation of teens who had seen the attacks of 9/11, and had grown to appreciate such artists as Coldplay and Pink Floyd. Soft Silences mellow yet energy-filled sounds gave an answer to the big question of the new millenium, "where is the love?" but it was the atmospheric and patiently arranged characteristics of "Time" that gave audiences a foresight of things to come, a style of songwriting not often acheived by the teen bopper screamo bands of mainstream radio. One EP on the record and Soft Silence aims to becoming an arena worthy rock band.
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revelrecords (level 20) wrote:
Great job guys. Found you first on SF and now here.
8 years ago
jmiles301 (level 13) wrote:
hey, love your stuff! but where can i buy more of it? there are these 2 and then a few others on your pure volume page, but i think i'm still missing a few. awesome tunage!
8 years ago
Butterfly2986 (level 13) wrote:
Love your sound, congrats hitting the homepage, can't wait for more :)
8 years ago
Assurantix (level 28) wrote:
Congrats on hitting the homepage!
8 years ago
fcaravella (level 25) wrote:
Thank you! I'm going to ride that gem all the way to the front page!! :)
8 years ago
philomath (level 45) wrote:
I love this first track. Looking forward to hearing some more. Congrats on the home page hit!
8 years ago
strick414 (level 44) wrote:
Excellent strategy. I've got some more to give to the trak... just waiting for when it needs to be rekindled on the home page
8 years ago
strick414 (level 44) wrote:
Congrats on making the homepage. The trak is finally getting some deserved attention
8 years ago
beckysalljazzy (level 31) wrote:
Computers in Love is a great track. Grabbing the album from your website now. Keep making great music!
8 years ago
strick414 (level 44) wrote:
Nice job on the album. Thanks for sharing.
8 years ago
gafhptva (level 38) wrote:
Haha. I didn't even realize the relationship to Nascent Scene but that makes perfect sense. I like and have all those songs bumped also.
8 years ago
gafhptva (level 38) wrote:
Thanks, I appreciate the explanation. I figured it was something simple like that. Looking forward to your songs showing up here as I couldn't resist but get them from y'all already.
8 years ago